I work with a wide variety of issues. Psychotherapy is a very special time of exploring and learning about the SELF. We are often so busy with our responsibilities in life that there is little time to focus on ourselves. I see this time together as a chance to stop and look within and really explore who we are and what we want.

Often in life, years go by and we have not even figured out what path we want to be on. If we don't take the time to work through the issues that are holding us back and focus on what our true needs are, we can end up living a life that doesn't make us happy or fulfilled. Therapy is a time to explore and navigate and work through barriers and fears together in a positive, caring, supportive space. 

I LOVE witnessing people's growth and watching them live better lives. It is an incredible experience. I see myself as a healer/teacher/guide/facilitator/supporter. Using my intuitive, empathic abilities to help people live better is incredibly fulfilling. I see the change and know the impact, and am grateful and honored to be a part of it.