Couples therapy is an extremely important investment. Some studies show couples wait, on average, six years from the start of problems before coming in for therapy. But the longer one waits, the more resentment and distance occurs, making it harder and taking longer to repair and resolve.

 Couples therapy should also be used as ongoing maintenance - a good tune up is needed to help keep the relationship strong. The sooner you come in the sooner things can get better.  

You will learn tools to communicate most effectively and help to repair issues. Your friendship, connection, and closeness can deepen. Overall, the experience usually makes couples feel closer and more connected very early on. 

Gottman's Couples Method

I am passionate about using the Gottman Method with couples and have seen it work wonders. Couples learn how to effectively communicate to each other and repair relationship issues. I've even had several clients report back that they've been able to utilize their improved communications skills at their workplace with great results!  

In the first session we meet as a couple, I provide an extensive assessment to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. Optionally, you can also be given an online Gottman assessment link in our first meeting to fill out at home that helps to specifically target where we can be most effective in our work together.  

For the second session, I meet with clients individually to assess family-of-origin experiences and your individual feelings about your relationship. In the third session, you receive your assessment results and together we create an effective plan based on your unique relationship.