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Course FAQs

1. How much time should I expect to put into the course every week?

It is estimated that one can spend anywhere from 1-3 hours a week on this course, depending on how active you want to be in the forum discussions.  

2. What materials should I have ready before we start the course?

Buy 2 journals.  One of the journals should be particularly beautiful and/or have a positive feeling to you.  

3. Is there a set weekly online meeting time, or is it self study?

It is a self paced course and you can log into the "written" discussion at any time that is convenient for you from the comfort of home!  I will be sending materials for each week on Sundays and technically the course starts on Mondays.  I encourage students to read the weeks course materials and post discussions early in the week so that other students can read and reply throughout the week too.