What current HSP participants are saying about the course...

“I am actually finding some compassion for myself. Interacting with so many people like me is beyond amazing… almost too good to believe!”

“My classmates inspired me this week. Those that are contributing are open, honest, willing to be vulnerable, and respectful of what others are saying.”

“Having you share your personal story as an HSP is so helpful! You know first hand what it's like to feel the things we do. It's not like talking to a therapist who has never walked in our shoes.”

"As someone commented 'we have found our lost tribe'. And the focus is on our positives. That helps reframe things when we've been feeling defeated and embarrassed about being sensitive.”   

“The lesson this week is so good, I also cannot wait to continue moving forward. This is SO good!”

“Julie, I am loving the Course. Thank you for running such a worthwhile course for Highly Sensitive people.”

“Thanks again for having this class!  It has already motivated me to explore new ways of thinking.”

“It's been so nice to be in a community of HSPs, such caring and kind individuals. I really do feel different being surrounded by others like me, makes this seem easier as we do it together.”

“I think understanding HSP and how important self care is will ultimately change your perspective on yourself and the world you live in to make life feel more weightless. I have learned to practice self care every day and see my traits as positives rather than negatives. I feel more aware and appreciate myself. I almost feel like I am in a dream without the high stress/overwhelming feelings every day, but it feels good. Your sensitivities are your powers. Learn how to use them and keep them safe with self care. SELF CARE SELF CARE SELF CARE.  I really don't want this course to end though…I am so glad we are only in week 4.”

“What I have found helpful so far is concrete things I can do every to rewire my brain and become more resilient."