Self-esteem is our evaluation of our own worth, how we feel about our SELF. This attitude toward our self affects every decision we make and everything we do. Low self-esteem is a negative self evaluation and can create self defeating behaviors. We may become blocked emotionally and have a hard time creating and meeting goals. 

Do you wish your confidence and self esteem could be higher? One of the many benefits to therapy is that once you start working on your sense of self you start increasing your self-esteem.

When we increase the way we feel about ourselves we also have more access to our inner resources and navigation tools. We feel more empowered to make the best choices for ourselves and pick the path that’s right for us, rather than accidentally walking on a path that’s not right. When you are empowered, you choose the path in front of you and your journey is the one you want and feel happier inside of and life is so much better!