I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) knowledgeable therapist and have completed a program with Dr. Elaine Aron, a world-renowned Psychologist studying this trait. This trait is also known as sensory processing sensitivity.   

Working with an HSP knowledgeable therapist can be crucial to exploring how this trait affects you and learn new tools for living better in an overstimulating sensory world.  There are real differences in the HSP brain and I can help tailor our work together to support your needs. 

If you are an HSP or a parent of a highly sensitive child, there are several options for working with me directly:  

1. Psychotherapy in person at my office in Livermore, California. 


2.  I also offer the following:

  • Online Course for HSPs Brain Training For The Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques To Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions: An 8-Week Program (self paced, nurturing and supportive)
  • Global Coaching (phone or video options)
  • Consultations For professionals wanting to consult about their clients or to learn more about the trait for their work (phone, video or in person).
  • Parents of Highly Sensitive Children can also work with me directly to help guide you to support your sensitive child.  

I also offer several resources for HSPs:

1. Books I am the author of the book, Brain Training for The Highly Sensitive Person, Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions.  

2. Resources ( a continually updated source of support for HSPs.)

Contact me for more information.   

Is This You?

About 15-20% of the population is considered highly sensitive and up to 50% of clients in therapy are HSPs.  An HSP's brain processes more information, more deeply, which can make you more sensitive to your surroundings. HSP's often suffer from anxiety and higher stress levels in a world that feels overwhelming.

As a highly sensitive person, you may be able to feel what other people feel, which can help you to be more empathic and compassionate (some of the gifts of this trait). On the other hand, you can also be more easily overwhelmed and have higher stress levels.  You may experience sensory overload with such factors as loud noise, bright lighting, and strong odors. 

As an HSP myself, I am passionate about my work and consider it a calling to help you live a less stressed, less overwhelmed and happier life.  I've developed what I call a compassionate and supportive "brain training" program that provides specific tools for HSP's to learn to navigate an overstimulating world. 

If you suspect you might be an HSP, Psychologist Elaine Aaron provides this self test on her website. Aaron also provides a test to help determine if your child might be HSP.  

An 8-Week Online Training Course for HSPs: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions