Ways HSPs who have taken the course are paying it forward:

(This page will continually be updated)

Julie, words cannot express how grateful I am for your HSP training course! I would like to pay it forward with a donation toward your sliding scale, for someone who can’t afford the cost of the course. I know how much this course has meant to me, and I would like someone to have the same opportunity to learn these skills. :)
— Johane
“Hello, I am an HSP. I have been struggling in life because of my difference and having not had the understanding and knowledge and support relating to my differences. I have gotten to a point where I am unable to hold down a job because of my sensitivities, even though I am highly intelligent and very motivated to work! Things are financially tight for me but I am desperate to move forward.

I wish to sincerely thank Julie Bjelland and her former HSP course student who gifted $50 which enables me to take part in this course. What a wonderful gift! I cannot express my gratitude enough that a fellow HSP paid it forward in this way. I find it comforting that fellow HSPs are out there looking out for each other in a world in which I have never really felt like I was made for. I hope to be able to return the favour and also pay if forward myself for another person in my position when I put my HSP course learnings to good use and gain employment again in the near future! Thank you again.”
— Kind regards, Melody Napier, New Zealand