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Course FAQ

1. What's the difference between the Solo Course and the Mentored Course?

The reading material and videos are the same, but the mentored course includes discussions throughout the 8-weeks with me and other HSPs taking the course together.  Some HSPs feel that doing the course together and with my feedback enhances the experience.  Mentored courses are offered a couple times a year and the Solo course is available anytime. 

2. How much time should I expect to put into the course every week?

It is estimated that one can spend anywhere from 1-3 hours a week on this course, depending on how active you want to be in the forum discussions.  

3. What materials should I have ready before we start the course?

You will need 2 journals. You can buy the New Journals I have designed for this program or use your own.  One of the journals should be particularly beautiful and/or have a positive feeling to you.  

4. Is there a set weekly online meeting time, or is it self study?

It is a self paced course and you can log into the "written" discussion at any time that is convenient for you from the comfort of home!  I will be sending materials for each week on Sundays.  I encourage students to read the weeks course materials and post discussions early in the week so that other students can read and reply throughout the week too. 

5. Do you have to have a Facebook account to participate?

For the Mentored course, you need a Facebook account to join in discussions. For the Solo Course you do not. I find that the Facebook forum seems more familiar to the most people globally.  It is a "secret" group by invite only, so only HSPs signed up for the course will be in the forum with you.  I like to create a safe, supportive and nurturing space. Past course participants really enjoyed the experience of discussions with other like-minded HSPs.  It's self-paced so you can log in and connect and discuss each weeks assignments anytime the week it's assigned.  You can create an account just for this course if that is preferred.  I also recommend setting up a shortcut link on your Facebook page that can bring you directly into the course forum so you don't get overwhelmed by going through all of Facebook each time you log on.  You will need to give your exact email address that you log into Facebook so I can invite you into the group.  

6. Can I also work with you individually?

Yes. I offer individual 50-minute HSP Coaching/Consultations. Learn more Here

7. What other HSP Resources do you offer? 

I have an HSP Resource page with lots of information for the highly sensitive person. 

8. How do I contact you?

Here is a link to my Contact page. 

More Course Information

You will receive the password into the course. You can log in anytime and watch the videos and read the material whenever it is convenient for you each week, and then for the mentored course you can also join in on discussions with other classmates at anytime.  No worries about time zones, because you can log in and engage whenever it is convenient for you. Plus, I don't want to overwhelm HSPs more with trying to schedule a time to work!

This course is created by an HSP Psychotherapist for HSPs. Much of the "work" of this course is internal work and course students have commented on how precious this course feels as internal awareness and consciousness increases.

Time commitment is minimal and flexible because the reading might be less than an hour a week with some journaling, all online on your own time. Much of the coursework has to do with increasing awareness of particular aspects of your life and starting to brain your brain to experience them in different ways. Discussions with other course participants is as often as you wish in the mentored course. . . of course the more you discuss the more you get out of it . . . but that part is fun :)

New neural sprouts only take about three weeks to start, so most participants start to feel really good early. 

The mentored course is a very supportive space, so participants enjoy the discussions quite a lot. For this course we are using a "Secret" Facebook group, so no one can see your posts or your Facebook page except course participants. If you are more comfortable creating a Facebook account just for this course that works too—it's free! We are using Facebook because more people are familiar with its forum style.

I encourage you to "Like" my HSP Facebook page where I post regularly as well as "Subscribe" below for updates by email. 

Mentored Course: The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) - Brain Training Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions

Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions: An 8-Week Online Course

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