What HSP Course Graduates are saying

“Julie, you are truly a blessing and a doctor for HSPs. The HSP course has brought in a lot of clarity I had been searching for. Also it has a lot of tools to offer for self care and moving out of limbic system. Your love and empathy really touched my heart. I am very grateful for having found you. I wish you all the best for positively impacting the lives of many other fellow HSPs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

- Saurabh, India

“It was nice knowing that I wasn’t alone in what I was experiencing as an HSP.

Julie provided empathy, guidance, support and much needed education to help me to understand myself better and to have more compassion for myself.

The course has not only helped me, but the HSP clients who I work with as a therapist benefit from the knowledge that I’ve gained from Julie’s course. I am grateful for my time spent with Julie.”

- Kimberley, California

“Julie is an empathetic, caring, and knowledgeable in regards to the HSP. Her course is well designed and informative to help students make changes to live their best life as HSPs. She is knowledgeable of different self-care modalities that help people with HSP trait to restore. Throughout her course Julie was very interactive with the students and we all were able to develop great relationships that provide lasting support as people with the trait. I recommend that anyone that is ready to make their own health and self-care a priority to sign up!”

- Jennifer, Minnesota

“Taking Julie’s course for HSPs was one of the best self care things I’ve done! The connection with fellow HSPs was so validating and comforting. Julie guidance as an HSP herself brought a depth of understanding to the course that along with her extensive experience and knowledge rounded out the course and provided me with the tools I need to live a full and purposeful life.”

- Cheryl, California

"Julie’s Brain Training Course for HSPs was a transformational point in my life. I can now better understand the “why” behind my needs, thoughts, and behaviors. I am able to bring consciousness and reflection into my daily life, while learning techniques to calm my overstimulated nervous system. I feel empowered because I am giving myself permission to live my life in a way that supports me.”

- Kiley Hanish, Founder, Return to Zero: H.O.P.E., California

“Julie provides a solid platform to fully absorb what it means to be an HSP, why it’s important and how it plays out intrinsically along with very accessible science and psychology readings and resources. The reading and materials provided are especially thought provoking and insightful as well as the basis for our weekly question and discussion sessions. Discussions about the science and day to day management of being an HSP is extremely helpful and transformative for HSPs seeking to discover their personal strengths and the many positives associated with being an HSP.”

-Katherine Peterson, Human Potential Coach, Illinois

“Working with Julie and meeting other HSPs was truly life-changing for me, because it was the first time I felt like I wasn’t alone in feeling so strongly. Never before had I actually met a fellow HSP, so all my life I assumed I was broken or wired wrong, and was always told, ‘you are too sensitive’ and ‘nobody will like you if you cry’. Learning that my sensitivity is actually a gift, that I am exactly how I am for a reason, and that there are others like me has changed everything. I can never thank Julie enough for her support and the safe learning environment she provides, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

-Bridget, New Jersey


"I took Julie's online course and read her book. Life changing information for me. Learning about the differences in the HSP brain and the nervous system vs the non-HSP brain and nervous system helped me put my self care first. Highly sensitive people make up only 20 percent of the population so most people don't understand the amount of down time and self care needed for people who are highly sensitive. This information helped put everything into perspective. Julie's course validated me. I'm listening to my system more rather than what others expect; therefore, managing stress better. Great to connect to other Highly Sensitive People during the course as well! You are not alone."
–Stacey S, PA


"I joined this online course hoping to find a better way to deal with my sensitivity because although I read a lot of books, I felt I was missing some sort of guidance to live with it.  Attending and working on the assignments of the course let me actually discover the foundations to build a set of life changing tools. And my life has started changing! It's like I finally found my personal user manual and everything I read on it made sense and let me see myself in a whole new light. The new tools I learned to use are helping me feeling better and less overwhelmed at home and at work, I learned to take care of myself instead of being at the bottom of my priority list and this makes a huge difference in my energy levels. I started to drink less coffee: I don't need it as much as before. I can now appreciate the positives in my life without dismissing them as I did before and now I have the knowledge to deal with negativity: it won't be always easy, but I'm working to let have it less and less impact on me whenever possible. I taught my husband how to help me in negative situations, so I won't be alone and paralyzed by my emotions. I'm so grateful to have found this online course: now I know there is still hope for me :) Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart."
–Marta, from Finland

"I like that the course is online and I can do it at my leisure.  The journals that you created Julie are wonderful. I don’t know about others, but it’s always a bit intimidating to stare at a blank page.  I remember being in school having to write a paper and I just could not get started!  The journals have everything laid out so it’s less intimidating and easier to start right because everything I need is right there (I hope that makes sense). I found them very helpful and I hope other students use them in the future.

Advice to other HSPs: TAKE THIS CLASS.  My life is so much better because of it.  Prior to taking this class I was very anxious, stressed and unhappy with myself.  I felt different from everyone else (friends, family, coworkers, etc).  I took this out on others and myself.  Now, eight weeks later, I feel calm, relaxed and I am completely okay with being different.  I embrace my sensitivity as a gift and take time to care for myself to stay balanced.  When I stumble, I have my toolbox handy to help pick me up and get me back on track.  This class is truly worth it and, most importantly, you’re worth it!" 
–Liz G., Delaware.


“This is the first time I took a virtual learning class and I learned more than being in any other live physical classrooms.

I found all our 8-week lessons to be very valuable but the lessons in "keeping the stress # down, positivity tank fill ups, handling sensory and emotional triggers" are what helped me the most. I'm better equipped now in dealing with my overstimulating inner and outer worlds, as a result I'm feeling more confident with increased overall sense of well-being.

I'll probably be in countless therapy hours if I didn't take this course. I'm taking what I learned from this course and making it as daily practice for my highly sensory protection. Thank you Julie for a wonderful learning experience.”
–Deidree, California


"This course has helped me open my heart up to myself.  It has changed my perspective and taught me that my sensitive trait is a gift not something to be endured painfully in my life.  I feel calmer, more positive and hopeful.  I recommend this course to anyone with High Sensitivity who needs understanding and acceptance of themselves.  Give yourself this gift!"
–Alicia, Santa Cruz, CA

"This course gave me clarity, understanding, and acceptance of myself and what I need to thrive; like having an owner's manual to myself as an HSP. I started the course feeling depleted and easily knocked down by life's challenges. I now feel centered, resilient, empowered, energetic, and joyful, and am feeling and bringing my best to my life and to the people in it."
–Michelle in California


"I found the course extremely helpful.  I'm so glad that I took the plunge and did it.  I liked that we could read and do the work at our own pace.  I liked that each week built on the last, it was clear there was a well thought out progression to the course.  Now that the course has ended I feel more balanced and I understand myself and my needs better. There is more work to do but I feel it helped me build a foundation. As HSPs I think our lives can feel so chaotic at times, this course helped show me how to tame the chaos." 
–Leigh from CA



“I've definitely enjoyed our class and feel it's helped me shift my attitude, viewing HS as a positive instead of negative trait! Thank you Julie!” 
–Amy, Nashville

"Julie what a gift this course is to HSPs. It has been important to have this information. To be heard and understood is so validating!"
–Sharon B California


“When I signed up for Julie's HSP course I knew I could not continue the way I lived before. My whole life basically was a life or death struggle at least that's how it felt to me. In stressful situations I had a feeling that the choices and decisions I would make had an irksome impact to me. My heart was pumping and my temperatures would rise. I had no control about those reactions. Soon after the course started, Julie could explain in easy words (as I am not an English native speaker) why my body is reacting the way it does and she gave me ways to prevent escalation and to control my feelings. Understanding what is happening in stressful situations made me feel like I am the master of myself again. I had control over my life back. Of course there were still some setbacks, but that is part of the learning process. Thank you Julie, for showing me that life is not a life-and-death struggle!”
–Samantha, Switzerland

"Hi Julie! The timing couldn't have been better for this course with what life has been throwing me lately. I feel like I have a roadmap now, handwritten by me in my journals of how to be a thriving HSP in the world. I so treasure the tools you gave us and relish in the idea of shifting my self-view from sheepish "special snowflake" to a self-compassionate, unapologetic super hero who is simply differently-abled and deserves to be nurtured so I can continue to be the most awesome version of me possible. I can now own and passionately protect the idea that self-care is medically necessary for me as an HSP. Thank you!"
–Ruby, CA

"Dear Julie, I would like to thank you for offering this online course to HSPs. The format is great when having two small children and needing to be flexible. I found the course itself well structured and logical. I particularly found the recognition of triggers helpful and overall the course has heightened my awareness of my sensitivity and my understanding of my reactions and how to act so as not to react! I am very glad I jumped in and recommend it to anyone who is suffering from being very sensitive instead of thriving. Thank you Julie for living your life purpose!"
–Natalie, Cologne


"The reading material helped me to understand that there are things I tend to do often, for instance, trying to please everyone else or caring too much about other people’s mood and I thought I was doing them because of my personality. But this time I understood that it was my “trait” and HSPs do them without being conscious. Once I understood that it was my “trait”, my tendency to criticize myself lessened. It helped me to understand we have 2 parts to our brains (Limbic system and cognitive brain) and most HSPs spend extra time in the limbic system. When I notice that I am in a negative mode, I can recognize that I am in the limbic system at the moment. And then I can do my “Self-care” at that right moment without having to keep feeling that negative emotion. 

After taking this course I began to be able to catch my feeling of anger more often. I used to start criticizing myself immediately when someone told me or did something rude to me. It was rare to recognize that I was angry at that moment. Sometimes I recognized it much later and it was always too late to do something about it. But recently I can feel more directly that I am actually angry and do my self-care when I notice it. The reason why I do my self-care is not to suppress the anger, but just to pay attention to myself again. Then I sometimes can take a necessary action for that situation. Sometimes I express clearly that I do feel uncomfortable or sometimes I just decide not to react to that. It helps me tremendously to stay conscious of myself and get out of a negative mode. Thank you for the wonderful course."
–Aki, Tokyo, Japan


"I would recommend Julie's course even if you may be on the lower end of sensitivity for an HSP. I took the test twice, getting a score of 15 the first time and a score of 18 the second time. I went into this course unsure if I really had HSP traits and through this course I realized I did have these traits and that I just wasn't aware of it. It has made my behaviour much more understandable to me and made it easier to be kind to myself. While this course is not focused on individual issues, I found it to work hand in hand with what I was doing in my one on one therapy."
–Emily, California USA

"This course was truly eye-opening! Julie is amazing! Through this course, she offers Highly Sensitive People a world of knowledge about HSP traits, tools to use in daily life and unending support from other HSPs. Because of Julie I have been able to embrace being an HSP and start working towards living my best life. I highly recommend this course to all Highly Sensitive People, it is a life changing experience you won’t regret!"
–Alicia Persaud, California


“This course really has had a great impact on me, and my therapist noticed it, too. It's been really hard to be the only one of my friends who has been willing to get (and pay for) help, and this class seemed to solidify that bettering ourselves and working on our mental health is so, so worth it. Going through this course at a younger age at first made me feel weak, but investing the time in myself and recognizing my HSP traits as strengths couldn't have been more worth it. I can't put into words how wonderful it is not to be thinking about my every move at work, in my relationships, and what I'm doing with my life. It's like my brain can take breaks from my seemingly constant inner dialogue, and be in the moment, now more than ever. The tools you gave us were challenging at first, but doable, and then incredibly rewarding.  When I started this course, I had known about the HSP trait for about two weeks, and was a lower number on the HSP scale (17). But this course really did make all the difference. I've been struggling with my anxiety for the past few years, and my brain feels like it can rest again. I am so grateful for this course and being able to work on myself for the better."
–Chloe, California


"I found this course to be a breath of fresh air...literally.  It seems for the first 50 years of my life I was holding my breath but now, thanks to Julie, I can breathe freely. The whole experience was so eye opening.  To see that there are other people exactly like myself and to be given tools to use in a very easy to understand format has made it possible to not only accept myself but also to learn how to manage the things that sometimes makes life a challenge for HSP's. To be taught by someone who truly understands and has experienced what I am going through makes all the difference.  The content is simple but effective and definitely not overwhelming...a blessing to all HSP's. Thank you Julie, you have made a huge difference in my life and wish you all the best with helping the larger HSP community." 
–Deb Trotter, Australia

"Julie – Your class has inspired me and helped me to understand myself better than I ever have before. These past eight weeks have flown by yet a transformation in me has occurred. At first I was hesitant to change, nervous because I didn’t think that I would be able to. In following your step by step guide, which was laid out in an easy to understand, tiered format, it came sort of naturally. I felt secure in knowing that I am not alone. Finally, I feel empowered to deal with my anxiety and stress productively. This class has really given me the tools to live my life in a new way, feeling enlightened as well as proud to be a highly sensitive person!"
–Katie Seipp, New Jersey


"I have gained a fuller understanding and acceptance of the HSP trait, strategies that can help to manage some of the challenges of the trait, and the joy of knowing that there are other people like me. The course can help you understand that you are not alone, that you are not ‘weird’ and there is a reason why life can seem so overwhelming at times. It also gives you different ways of dealing with the challenges that can make life difficult for HSPs. It has really helped me to get to know myself better and to appreciate some of the special skills that we have as HSPs. It has helped me learn to love myself more and be proud of who I am. It helps so much to realise that there are other people who experience the world in the same way as you. It will help you understand better how your HSP brain works, how you can enjoy the special parts of the HSP trait and how you can better manage the things that cause you to feel overwhelmed."
–Val, United Kingdom


"It's hard to put into words what this HSP training course has meant to me. I'll be honest in saying that I was a bit skeptical that my brain could be rewired to behave/react differently. And yet, I was desperate for some relief of the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion of being an HSP. The term HSP was relatively new to me when I came across Julie's Facebook page, and her posts about her online training course. Even though it was the pilot program, I knew I wanted/needed to be a part of it. To learn that I am wired differently than most people was a relief, because I'd often felt like I was failing at life, that I couldn't handle my environment and the 'normal' daily demands. I'd seen my sensitivity as a negative, so often told that I was 'too sensitive'. This course flipped that negative belief, to a very positive one. A new topic was introduced each week, along with journal prompts and new techniques to try. And gradually I've felt a noticeable shift, in how I view myself, and how I react to my environment. I feel calmer, not as easily overwhelmed or stressed. Feeling more in control is such a blessing. While I wish I'd known about HSP decades ago, I am grateful to have found this training course when I did. With the tools that I learned on the course, I know that my life is changed for the better...overwhelm is slowly being replaced with calm, joy, and hope for my future. Julie, I am forever grateful for your work and research, and for providing this online opportunity to share your knowledge."
–Mia, Ontario, Canada

“This brain training course has been life changing. I have tried other self- help books, mini trainings and counseling but this by far met me right where I was in my body, mind, and soul. The biggest aha moment was my perspective on who I am, a super human with super traits. And just like any other super hero, I have to learn how to use my super powers for my own good and to better the world around me.  So often we want to be “normal” and “fit in” and this course helped me to see how I fit in and helped me grow more. The awareness, self-care, and daily accommodations I have made as a result of this training has enhanced my life. I am less overwhelmed (something I never thought I would experience), less stressed/anxious, and I am able to enjoy myself and life around me without the chaos. My yoga, prayer, and meditation practice have just sky rocketed. I see this as a form of nutrition for me-like a meal I need to have every day to survive. I love it. This course has not only enhanced my personal life, but has helped me help others in my professional life more effectively. I am so thankful for Julie and this course. I can’t wait to get her book as an ongoing life reference.”
-Natalie Donohoo, Idaho

"This course has helped me open my heart up to myself.  It has changed my perspective and taught me that my sensitive trait is a gift not something to be endured painfully in my life.  I feel calmer, more positive and hopeful.  I recommend this course to anyone with High Sensitivity who needs understanding and acceptance of themselves.  Give yourself this gift!"
–Alicia, Santa Cruz, CA

"I so enjoyed taking Julie B's course for Lowering HSP Brain overwhelm and anxiety. The material is clear and tools and practices for hsps are outlined beautifully. This course presents a clear and needed foundation to greater HSP relief, awareness and self-care. I recommend this course highly!"
–AnnaB, Maryland US

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your class. Being proactive is what it’s all about. Honestly, I wish it were an ongoing class. I like you keeping us on track & your input is so helpful. I even hope that in the future you have more classes.  This class format & pace really works for me. Doing it online from home is great."
–Kristi from Oregon

Reviews From Therapists and Psychologists


"I have had the privilege to closely witness the work and evolution of Julie Bjelland MFT as a remarkable therapist. Julie has developed great expertise and success in her work with Highly Sensitive People.  She has used research, clinical experience and her HSP gifts to develop a unique and effective therapeutic approach to help HSP clients overcome the obstacles of living in a world that is too often not supportive of HSP needs, and to help HSPs feel accepted and valued rather than different or "wrong". Now she brings her talent and work to a greater audience in this on-line course. It offers the content of her approach, builds in the necessary follow-up and creates a supportive on-line community. The course also offers the benefit of Julie's warm, compassionate voice and her caring."
–Jeannie Wolitzer, LMFT

"I highly recommend that highly sensitive people take Julie Bjelland's HSP course. This thorough and well-researched class contains many techniques to help transform the HSP's life. Even if the student implements only a portion of the many practical and innovative methods that are presented in the course for calming the sensitive nervous system, the HSP will live a happier, more tranquil and productive life."
–Ted Zeff, Ph.D. author of "The Highly Sensitive Person Survival's Guide," "The Strong Sensitive Boy," and " The Power of Sensitivity." 


"Julie's HSP brain training course helped me to recognize and embrace parts of my personality that I discounted before. Through the class I was able to effectively reframe many ways my inner process, which I used to think made my life harder, can actually help my friends, family, coworkers, and me. I was inspired to commit to and prioritize important, rewarding self-care activities; I now feel fully validated and worthy of taking that time for myself. I implemented some of the ideas from the course at home and my family life is more peaceful as a result, so the things I learned definitely have a ripple effect in my life. I highly recommend taking this course over reading the book because having a series of "deadlines" kept me accountable. I already recommended the class to a few of my HSP clients and coworkers and plan to continue doing so without hesitation! If you're on the fence, just do it; You won't be sorry."
-Elizabeth Butler, PsyD California