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New Sensitive-Empowerment Community Launched!


Watch Julie’s Free HSP Webinar and better understand your emotional brain, how to navigate overwhelm and discover your gifts!

Tuesday, August 6


Tune in for my Live Q&A about high sensitivity and my brand new HSP online training! I will be streaming live on the Shift Network's Facebook page. I encourage you to spread the word to our beautiful HSP community! Mark your calendar and ask your questions HERE!


Tuesday, July 30

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On Tuesday, July 30, I will share the most common patterns and challenges for HSPs — and how to acknowledge and support them in yourself –– during a FREE video event, Are You a Highly Sensitive Person: Understand Your Emotional Brain, Navigate Overwhelm & Discover You Are Gifted. To register, click here.

Tuesday, July 23

Julie answers the question “What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?” for The Catalyst.

Friday, July 26

Julie joins Liz Gracia of the Mind Body Spirit Network to discuss the HSP trait and the tools untrained HSPs can learn to thrive in the world.

Monday, July 22


In this article, How to Overcome the Biggest HSP Challenges, According to a Therapist, I share The Biggest Struggles of Being Highly Sensitive, According to HSPs and 4 Ways to Stop Overloading Your Nervous System… Read more about this article that I wrote for the Highly Sensitive Refuge