What is Brain Training for HSPs?

Several HSP therapists have asked to me to describe the online HSP course I have developed. I thought I would post something here as a brief description... Because HSP's have an overly activated amygdala, I teach methods to help bypass the overly activated limbic system as well as get out of the limbic system when needed. This reduces the feeling of overwhelm and depletion as well as anxiety that HSPs often experience. It also reduces nervous system overdrive common with HSPs. We work on identifying emotional and even sensory triggers and creating a new pause in the neural networks for a new neural sprout to develop that gives us a feeling of choice in response rather than reaction from activation. Neural sprouts only take about 3 weeks to start so most HSPs feel better rather quickly! It's very exciting stuff. When we are not having meltdowns we also reduce the familiar HSP cycle of guilt, shame and self-blame which are powerful for HSPs. All of these methods open up a new amount of brain energy and brain space for higher level functions like creativity and getting out of survival mode where we are just trying to get through the day. It allows us to move out of an often depleted state and into one where our life feels so much better. A lot of HSPs describe it as "freedom". I focus a lot on self care practices, including mindfulness and meditation. Self care is like medicine to an HSP and doing more of it is essential to be able to create the space to train our brains in the first place. All of these methods work really well for HSPs because we have a higher level of consciousness and depth of processing by nature. I'm super passionate about all of this. There is so much to describe, that I sometimes find it hard to put into a few sentences. :) Hope that helps understand it better! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Our next course starts April 10 and is starting to fill up! If you want to learn more:http://www.juliebjelland.com/hsp-e-course/