Are you an HSP that often feels depleted and overwhelmed?

As a psychotherapist that specializes in the highly sensitive person, most HSPs tell me that one of their biggest struggles is the feeling of being tired, depleted and overwhelmed. Here is a list of things that generally drain our energy and things that fill it up. In what ways do you relate? 

Drains our energy and uses precious brain space:

  • Self judgment

  • Self blame

  • Too high expectations of ourselves

  • Trying to please everyone

  • Putting everybody's need above our own too often and at the expense of our own needs

  • Being too busy and not enough rest

Gives us energy and creates extra brain space:

  • Self care

  • Quiet alone time

  • Rest and enough sleep

  • Nature

  • Developing more self-compassion

  • Self acceptance

  • Being creative and or doing things that we love

Living well with proper self-care and balance as a highly sensitive person allows us to access our super strengths and gifts of the trait so we can thrive.

Here's a resource page specifically developed for HSPs:

Want some support to help you thrive? Our next HSP global online course starts September 25!


~Julie Bjelland is a licensed psychotherapist in California. Having built a successful private practice, Julie continues to expand her reach by developing online brain-training courses, serving as a consultant to other therapists, teaching workshops, and coaching HSPs globally. Her passion and expertise is in neuroscience and determining how to successfully train the brain so people can live their best lives. Her most recent book, Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions, has received outstanding reviews from world-renowned psychologists Tara Brach, PhD, Rick Hanson, PhD, and Ted Zeff, PhD. Julie specializes in working with anxiety and the highly sensitive person (HSP), couple's communication, self-esteem, and the LGBTQQ community. In addition to her work in psychology, she is a former Guide Dogs for the Blind trainer and author of the book Imagine Life With A Well-Behaved Dog