Soulfilled Sisterhood - Episode 10: Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child featuring Julie Bjelland

In this episode, you will hear:

  • About 50% of people in therapy are HSPs (or sensory processing sensitivity)

  • Highly Sensitive Person-about 20% of populations

  • Greater sensitivity and responsiveness to the environment and social stimuli

  • Elaine Aron’s-DOES (episode 9)

  • Not the same as introversion

  • Trait in over 100 different species

  • Signs your child might be HSP-texture of clothing, feeling overwhelmed in crowds, more meltdowns,

  • Julie shares differences in the physical category, emotional, social

  • How parents can support HSP children

  • HSPs want to “get it right the first time”-learn to accept this is real and being more self-compassion with self

  • Role modeling self-care as an adult HSP-quiet time together

  • Using your creative powers to manage self-care

  • Research showing HSP children supported by parents having less depression and anxiety

  • Top 5 Ways to Support your HSP-ness per Elaine AronPh.D.D work

  • Being in nature is “medicine for the HSPs” -Julie

  • Need 2 to 3 hours per day of quiet time

  • Recommend a day off per week

  • Sleep schedules and amount of sleep

  • Sleep impacts-mood, focusing, memory, physically, immune systems

  • Do same 5 things each night prior to bed helps your brain and system relax

  • HSPs do better with a slower morning routine

  • Taking mini-breaks throughout the day-mindfulness breaks

  • Practicing mindfulness-increases self-awareness (what do you say to yourself and how often do you judge yourself) and developing self-love

  • Are you using a perfectionistic stick to measure your life?

  • Julie shares her journey of taking off her mask and being more of herself

  • Rick Hansen’s visual he shared with Julie when dealing with an aggressive person

Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist, HSP, and empowerment mentor for women.