The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person, a New Book from Julie Bjelland

I’m so pleased to announce my upcoming book, The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person: How to Harness Your Sensitivity into Strength in a Chaotic World.


Many Highly Sensitive People find our chaotic, modern world very challenging to our sensitive system. How many of these do you relate to?

  • Feel Too Emotionally Sensitive

  • Exhaustion

  • Feeling Misunderstood

  • Feel Deeply Impacted by the Suffering Of Others

  • Overloaded

  • Overwhelmed

  • Anxious or Panicky

  • Feeling Everything Intensely

  • Reactivity

  • Irritability

  • Sleep Issues

  • Feeling Overstimulated

  • Under Pressure

  • Not Enough Time to Relax

  • Feel Too Impacted by Other People’s Moods

  • Short-tempered or Irritated or Annoyed Often

  • Have a Hard Time Concentrating, Feel Shutdown, Or Out of Control When

  • Emotionally Upset

  • Feel Very Drained by your Environment

  • High-Stress Levels

  • Cry Easily

  • Often Experience a Racing Heart, Feeling Flushed or Shaky

  • Shallow Breathing or Tightness in Your Body

  • The Sensation of Crawling Skin or Like You Want to Jump Out of Your Skin

  • Not Feeling Worthy

  • Quick to Anger or Frustration

  • Like Your Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

  • Get Frequent Headaches, Stomach Issues, Nausea, or Illness

  • Have a Hard Time In Crowds or Loud Environments

  • Fight/Flight Activation Too Often, Racing Heart or Dizzy or Panicky

  • High Self-Criticism, Always Wanting to Get Things Just Right

  • Not Enough Time Alone

  • Feeling Flawed

  • Have a Hard Time Saying No

  • Feel Guilty a lot

  • Have a Harsh Inner Critic

  • Over Sensitive

You are not alone.

Most Highly Sensitive People have these challenges and I used to as well. I understand on such a deep level what it is like to feel so sensitive and emotional and out of control. It’s why I am so passionate about getting these tools out to help more HSPs. I’ve loved witnessing the profound growth and transformations the HSPs I’ve worked with have achieved and I want that for you! Life can be SO much better.

We need to understand why we are the way we are and why you experience what you do as a person with this trait. 20% of us have this trait and that’s a lot of people in the world! Everyone knows an HSP. Let’s take the steps needed to learn how to lift off the burdens and access the incredible strengths and gives within you.

Imagine a life where you feel more peace than stress. A life where you feel understood, accepted and loved for being YOU in the world. Imagine being able to pause, reflect and respond, rather than react. Imagine feeling more energy, sleeping better, being more in control, and finally feeling like you are living a life that fits you and aligns with and honors who you are.

How much would this be worth to you?

Who Am I?

I’m Julie Bjelland, a psychotherapist that specializes in the trait of high sensitivity. I am also a Global Empowerment Coach for HSPs and a Consultant to mental health and medical professionals, to parents of highly sensitive children, and companies that want to harness the incredible talents of the HSP in the workplace.

I’m the author of several books, including Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person, Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions.

I developed and teach a self-paced 8-week Online Course for HSPs too that includes videos I have recorded specifically for this program with the option of joining a Facebook Graduates group after completion to connect to wonderful, like-minded, conscious and incredibly kind and good HSPs! A true example of Finding Your Tribe. Read some of their Kind Words about the course.

I am also a Highly Sensitive Person and mother to Highly Sensitive Children. I know what it feels like from all sides to live with extreme sensitivity and emotional overload and even anxiety. I’ve taken what I know about high sensitivity and sensory overload and combined that with what I know about the differences of the unique HSP brain and my years of working with and researching HSPs. I am so passionate about helping HSPs harness our sensitive strengths and believe that the more of us that are empowered in the world the better!

This Book Can Help You:

  • To Feel Accepted and Understood

  • Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

  • Feel More In Control

  • Help You Access Your Gifts and Strengths

  • Give You a Roadmap to Living Your Best Life

  • Learn About Your Particular HSP Brain Differences and Why you are the way you are.

  • Create More Relaxation in Solitude

  • Fall Asleep Easily, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Rested

  • Create More Work/Life Balance

  • Prevent Meltdowns

  • Boost Energy

  • Learn Special Techniques To Prevent Fight/Flight System Overload

  • Teach You How To Read Your Body and Learn Early Detection to Prevent Adrenaline Release That Causes the Racing Heart

  • Learn How to Respond Instead of React When Emotional

  • Become Confident in Saying No and Creating Healthy Boundaries

  • Develop Self-Compassion

  • Help You Create Conscious, Loving Connections

  • Teach You How to Find Your Tribe

  • Trust That You Can Handle Anything Ahead of You

  • Help you Feel Safe and Secure

  • Increase Motivation

  • Boost Job Performance or Help You Feel Fulfilled

  • Enjoy the Present Moment

  • Teach You to Prioritize YOU

  • Create a Life That Works For You!

  • How to Tell People About Your Trait

  • Learn Your Genetic Differences as an HSP To Share With Your Medical and Mental Health Professionals

  • Tools to Turn Down the Dial of Your Over-Activated Nervous System

Once we achieve empowerment and balance in life it’s like a domino effect in every aspect of our lives! Since learning these skills I’m a better mother, partner, friend, and can now harness my sensitive strengths to help me in my calling in help you become an empowered HSP!

I also work one-on-one with HSPs all over the world to help you reach your goals and dreams and live your best, most empowered life! Learn more about Working With Me

If not now, when? You owe yourself the love and compassion you give to the world so freely. Those around you will also benefit. I love hearing your beautiful transformative stories so keep sharing them with me! Let’s get empowered together!

Here's what I'm working on...

For years I’ve been working with clients on helping them learn how to harness their sensitivity into a strength.

I’ve put all of my years of experience and research into a guide that would make it super easy. It’s taken months of work and I’m really proud of it!

It’s not *quite* ready yet, but it will be complete on December 5.

I want to give you the opportunity to pre-order it at a discount and be the first to receive it.

The full price when it launches will be $25, but because of being one of the first, you can pre-order for just $19!

It’s good for the next 72 hours and the PDF will be emailed to you as soon as it’s done.

Let me know when you’ve got it in your hands. Would love to know what you think!


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