I also provide consultations for:

Parents of Highly Sensitive Children

New research shows us that without the right support highly sensitive children are more likely to experience anxiety and depression in life. If you are a parent of a highly sensitive child, learn everything you can about the trait and how to support your sensitive child in the right ways. These consultations are for the parents to discuss tools and techniques to help their HSP child succeed and thrive in life and help prevent anxiety and depression.

Health Care Providers

Are you a professional health care provider. e.g. a doctor, therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist, with clients or patients who are HSPs and dealing with Sensory Processing Sensitivity? It can be essential for your client's or patient's treatment and wellbeing to understand the trait of the Highly Sensitive Person which is why I also offer individual consultations to professionals in the medical and mental healthcare field. 

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$200・50 minutes with Julie | $300・75 minutes with Julie

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