When the student is ready, the teacher is here.


I know the importance of being able to talk with someone who understands the unique experiences of being an HSP.

As a psychotherapist specializing in the highly sensitive person and a parent of highly sensitive children and an HSP myself, I found my passion in sharing what I know to help highly sensitive people live their best lives.

Join me for one-on-one coaching sessions from anywhere in the world. We can talk via video conference or by phone.

We can meet weekly, one time only, or just when you need support during certain times in your life.

We will work in our coaching sessions toward discovering, clarifying, and reaching your goals. I can help you find and follow your true calling. We will look at recognizing what obstacles are in your way, how you can move past them, and how you can be your authentic self and realize your life purpose.

I have coached clients from all over the world who have reached out to me because of my specialty and knowledge of the highly sensitive person. This has included:

  • HSPs who want more control over their stress and/or anxiety

  • HSPs wanting dating or relationship advice

  • HSPs looking for help in changing dysfunctional patterns

  • HSP professionals trying to adjust to stressful work environments

  • Globally recognized top leaders in their fields who are HSPs seeking extra support.


As your coach, I provide extra support with issues related to:

  1. Achieving your personal goals

  2. Work environment and career goals

  3. Family dynamics and setting boundaries

  4. Stress reduction

  5. Dating and improving relationships

  6. Targeting specific core issues that can help you create a fully balanced and centered life

  7. And MORE! Many HSPs have said this is the missing piece in their life.


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Sessions are offered through phone or video for your convenience. $450