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As an HSP myself, I understand how difficult it can be to feel so sensitive, emotional, overwhelmed, and misunderstood.  

When I was younger, I often felt too sensitive for this world. Before I became a "trained" HSP, I suffered from anxiety and constant overwhelm that seemed to worsen over time. Life was really hard.  When I was younger, I felt an intense dislike of my sensitivities and now, gratefully, I know that these sensitivities make up a big part of my gifts, something I can use to truly help people in my work as a psychotherapist.  

Our sensitivities as HSPs can be our greatest gift, if we know how to navigate our emotional brain.  I developed a passion early on to learn as much as I could about the trait.  I voraciously studied HSP neuroscience and so began my journey of researching and helping other HSPs.

As a psychotherapist that specializes in HSPs, I could see that my HSP clients had similar challenges that I experienced. They were also really suffering.  It became clear to me that when I taught them specific tools they not only stopped suffering, but began to transform and blossom!  Teaching my HSP clients to learn how to clear the emotional storm and sensory overload cleared the path to access what I know to be "HSP super strengths", directing them to their unlimited potential.  

Clients would come in after practicing specific tools and I excitedly watched their lives transform and improve.  One HSP client after another began to live the life they always wanted.  It was so amazing to sit in front of an HSP client and know how to help them.  I also started working with HSPs worldwide in HSP coaching and the methods translated well in this way too! 

I was then asked to teach a group of therapists about the methods I developed for HSP clients and the enthusiastic feedback I received from therapists that attended my training was so exciting.  They were starting to use my methods with their clients and it was working for them too!  That is when I realized that these methods needed to be offered to more HSPs!  

That's the story of how this course came to be.   

I offer these methods happily to as many HSPs as I can. It is my passion that HSPs learn these tools so that they can be out in the world as their beautiful, unique, HSP selves.  I truly believe being an HSP is a gift to the world; we are meant to be here for reasons you will understand even more fully once you learn how to navigate your HSP brain.  

I am very excited to join you in this journey and help be your guide toward living the life you deserve.  Once you become that balanced, centered version of your true self, I know that you will pay it forward in life as your gifts emerge.  

I welcome you to the course and look forward to witnessing your transformation!

All the best,