6. Highly Sensitive Children/Teens

Resources・Books for HSP Children・Julie Bjelland, LMFT

As a highly sensitive person who is also raising highly sensitive children I understand the trait on many levels. I love supporting parents to help their sensitive children thrive. This resource page will continually be updated. 

Books for Raising Highly Sensitive Children

Consultations for Parents of Sensitive Children

New research shows us that without the right support highly sensitive children are more likely to experience anxiety and depression in life. But with the right support they are less likely to experience these challenges. If you are a parent of a highly sensitive child, learn everything you can about the trait and how to support your sensitive child in the right ways. These consultations are for the parents to discuss tools and techniques to help their HSP child succeed and thrive in life and help prevent anxiety and depression.

Podcasts About Raising Highly Sensitive Children

Sensory-Friendly Clothing

  • Target: The Cat & Jack line claims to have some sensory-friendly clothes that have flat seams and no tags and graphics that are only on the outside and not inside the shirt.

  • Zappos Adaptive line claims to have flat seams, tear away tags and soft fabric.

  • SmartKnitKIDS makes seam free socks, underwear and bralettes.

  • Do you have know of other companies you recommend for highly sensitive children? Contact us to have it added.

Julie Bjelland