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With Julie Bjelland, LMFT

I am a licensed Psychotherapist, global HSP Consultant, and leader in the field of high sensitivity, specializing in the highly sensitive person. I offer the following services:

  1. If you are overwhelmed and exhausted as an HSP, and are motivated to make things better, You can find the free link to Book a Call and see if my 8-week brain-training program with HSP coaching is a good fit for you. My mission is to help empower and transform the lives of HSPs!  Your best self and full life is needed in the world.

  2. Consultations for mental health and medical professionals, parents of highly sensitive children, companies wanting to harness the gifts of HSPs, and supervision for MFT's.

  3. Global HSP Coaching & Mentoring for HSP adults via phone or video.

  4. Psychotherapy for HSP adults in California.

Other Recommendations

  1. Find an HSP knowledgable therapist in your area.

  2. April Snow, AMFT (San Francisco, California) Highly knowledgable about the trait and is also my former intern, now associate.

Julie Bjelland