Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person

Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions:

An Eight-Week Online Solo Course


As an HSP psychotherapist and author of Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions, my mission is to help HSPs thrive. I developed this online global course as a space for HSPs to work through the 8-week program, with videos to support you through each week. 

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HSPs often live in an overwhelming tornado storm, the brain overloaded by emotional and sensory input. Being an “untrained” HSP is really hard. I want to turn you into a “trained” HSP, one that knows how to navigate the emotional brain and who trusts the tools necessary to live the life you deserve.  Also, if you work with HSPs in your profession, or have highly sensitive children, you will love learning these tools to pass onto them!

This course includes specific HSP brain training material backed by research, all taught by an HSP psychotherapist.

Ready to transform your life? In less than an hour or two a week, you will begin to feel the benefits of this training. Your family and friends will notice a happier, more centered, and balanced version of YOU.


  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety
  • More control over your life and emotions
  • Stress-reducing skills specifically designed for HSPs
  • Ability to respond, rather than react, to emotional experiences
  • Increased self-esteem and self-worth
  • Increased energy
  • Capacity to free yourself from intense, out-of-control sensory overload
  • Better sleep
  • Real, lasting self-acceptance and self-love
  • Knowledge about new neuroscience and research that addresses the true differences in your HSP brain


Week 1: Creating Brain Space and Filling up the Positives

Week 2: Limbic System and Neural Pathway Training

Week 3: Practicing Self Care and Self Compassion

Week 4: Compassionate Exploration to Lower Stress Levels

Week 5: Identifying Your Emotional Triggers and Learning How to Bypass and Get Out of Your Limbic System

Week 6: Identifying Sensory Triggers and Accommodations

Week 7: Accessing the Positive Superpowers of Being an HSP

Week 8: Conclusion: Living Well and Authentically as an HSP

The very first step is to understand your trait fully. There are particular differences in an HSP brain that make you the way you are. Understanding these differences helps us start in week one of our course. It is because of those big differences that we need to do some extra training in our emotional brains, and that's what we will start to learn in week two. In week three, we dive deep into what it really means to practice self-care and how it is one of the essential pieces to our well-being as HSPs.

Compassionately exploring our internal experiences helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and that's what we explore in week four. Moving onto identifying emotional and sensory triggers in week five and six, we learn techniques that can help us get out of and even bypass our emotional overload! In week seven, we spend time with all the amazing gifts and benefits that exist as an HSP, and discover how you can now access them to live your best, authentic self in our final week eight. 


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Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist that specializes in the highly sensitive person and is the author of several books and global courses for HSPs. Julie works with HSP adults and parents of highly sensitive children globally, and is an HSP consultant and supervisor to other therapists, Her passion is in neuroscience and determining how to successfully train the highly sensitive brain so HSPs can live their best lives and thrive.


You will receive a link and password to the videos and reading material (or you can use the book if you prefer printed material). Most HSPs tell me they appreciate that the course is not overwhelming at all. Much of the work in this course is internal reflection as we grow new neural pathway sprouts together. The reading material guides you to do that.  


Visit the frequently asked questions page to learn more. 


$99 for 8-weeks, including weekly material to teach you the tools to train your brain to live optimally as well as videos introducing what you will be working on each week.

I want HSPs to have the right tools to live their best lives. It's great you are seeking resources and tools to live your best. You deserve to live optimally as an HSP!

Two Course Options: Want to take the course with Julie as your guide and with other like-minded HSPs online? There is a Mentored Course option too. Learn More. 

Can't afford the course?  The Solo 8-week course costs only about $12 per week for an experience that can create everlasting positive brain changes.  If you have a true financial hardship and cannot afford this, you can apply for a half or full scholarship.  I really want this program to be available to everyone who genuinely needs it.  If you want to apply for a scholarship, please Contact Me



There are two journals that are now available as workbooks to the course and book.  Positives Journal and Challenges and Growth Journal

Are you ready to make positive life changes in this stage of your journey?

Sign up now to train your HSP brain and live your best life! 

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