Are you an MFT associate seeking supervision while you complete your 3,000 clinical hours?  

I offer supervision.

As therapists we play a really special and important role in the lives of our clients, and I think finding the right supervisor is important to nurture our growth and fullest potential.  

When I was an intern, I was fortunate to have an amazing supervisor that helped guide me in all the ways I needed to grow and blossom as a therapist that could truly help my clients.

I think there are many important aspects to being successful as a therapist. 

1.     We need to nurture our own self-growth and live as balanced and close to our own center as possible in order to be secure and stable therapists for our clients.  Our own self-care plays a major role in this process, and part of my role as a supervisor is to help support and encourage this process for you.

2.     As therapists we never really know what to expect every time a client walks into our space, so I believe in tuning into our own intuition and being able to be where our clients need us to be within any given moment.  I think part of this process involves building confidence that we can tune into those intuitive places within ourselves.  As a supervisor part of my role is to help you find your inner intuitive therapist and support that process.

3.     It is important in an internship to find and define your niche, and I hope to help my associates achieve that.  Specializing in certain niches mean you gain more skills in those areas and that translates to being able to offer your clients the best type of support for their needs.

4.     In private practice, you run a business, and there are many important aspects of keeping that business running smoothly.  As a supervisor I think it’s important to support your own business development, so you can attract clients that are meant to work with you and have a career that supports you.   

I believe in being the type of supervisor that nurtures your personal and professional growth and helps you find your way as the best therapist you can be.


A Little About Me

Up to 50 percent of our clients are highly sensitive people (HSP), which is also called sensory processing sensitivity.  This is one of my main specializations as well as anxiety, couples, and LGBTQQ.  

I am the author of the book, Brain Training For The Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques To Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions: An Eight-Week Program.

I work with HSPs in many different capacities such as the online HSP global course that I developed for HSPs, therapist consultations, HSP support for parents, and global HSP coaching.  I am interested in continuing my research and clinical work with this incredible trait and look forward to passing along some of my knowledge and experiences to upcoming therapists.

I was blessed to work with an amazing supervisor and would love to pay that experience forward.  I hope to help you find your authentic self as a therapist.


What I’m Looking for in an Associate

I want to work with associates that are intuitive, empathic therapists with a calling and passion for this work. In private practice it is also essential to learn good business and marketing skills. 

I would love to work with highly sensitive associate!  Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) tend to be compassionate, conscientious, respectful, and on time, and they value doing their best.

While I generally have a large base of referrals to offer an associate I think it is also important for interns to have the drive to develop their own client bases. 


Contact me to apply. Please send me your resume and answer the following in your inquiry:

1.     How many hours of the 3,000 have you already completed as an associate?

2.     Did you have an internship somewhere else?  If so, where did you work and do you have letters of recommendation?

3.     Do you plan to work in private practice when you are licensed?

4.     Do you know of a niche you want to specialize in?

5.     What type of experience do you have and hope to gain?

6.     Why do you think you would be a good match to work with me?

Off-Site Supervision

Off-site supervision rates are $200 per 60 minutes, and payment can be made below.