Recommended Resources for HSPs:

This list will be added to periodically, and I also welcome hearing about good resources for HSPs you know about!

HSP Self Tests by Elaine Aron  

HSP Therapists

Global Online HSP Course

HSP Books and Websites

HSP Global Life Coaching/Mentoring for HSP Adults and Parents of Highly Sensitive Children

  • One-on-One HSP Coaching provides global phone, video, or chat/email session options with a psychotherapist that specializes in HSPs.
  • I also work with parents of highly sensitive children (HSC) to offer them coping techniques and tools that have worked for other parents of HSCs.

HSP Consultations

HSP Blogs

HSP Facebook Pages

HSP Documentary

  • Sensitive, The Untold Story  is a documentary about this trait that you can rent online.  It is great to share with family and friends so they can learn more about the trait. 

HSP Retreats


  • I love this meditation/mindfulness app.  You would be surprised how ten minutes a day can be very centering, grounding and calming, which are all things important for HSPs!  The first ten are free so you can try it:


  • Some of my HSP course participants really enjoyed yoga with Adriene, and she offers some great free yoga on YouTube.  She makes the practice feel doable and fun with some of her sweet and gentle playfulness. Here's a link to enjoy: 30 Days of Yoga 

Increasing Self Compassion


  • Many HSPs have challenges sleeping.  I recommend trying these Mack earplugs to reduce the amount of times you wake up in the night. 
  • Weighted blankets affect proprioceptor input that can help our brain release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which can create a sense of calm.  Many companies make them now. I happened to get mine from SensaCalm.
  • I also recommend listening to sleep meditations before sleep. There are many good ones. Dr. Thompson uses deep-sleep sound waves mixed within relaxing music.  I liked his Brainwave Sleep series.  Here's a free sample of his Delta Sleep System.
  • Do the same five things before bed every night.  Try a bath with lavender oil, lighting a soothing candle, reading something non-stimulating, turning off the lights and listening to meditation. Our brain begins to recognize sleep is coming by about the 3rd step. Also, if we warm up our body with a bath before sleeping, the process of cooling the body after can initiate better sleep as well.    

Improving Connections

Neuroplasticity (Rewiring the brain)

  • Online Course: HSP Brain Training: Tools to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions
  • Rick Hanson is a best selling author and has some very interesting teachings incorporating neuroplasticity with a spiritual twist:

Blending Psychology and Spirituality

  • Tara Brach’s teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our world.


  • For couples and communication, I recommend The Gottman Method that I use when working with couples.  It is an excellent positive-based method, and the communication training is based on over 40 years of researching couples!  
  • Wired for Love book How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship
  • Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find - and Keep - Love by Amir Levine

Lesbian/Queer Women: Dating and Love

  • The Conscious Girlfriend website and book uses a conscious, sensitive approach, and offers great tools for lesbian and queer women for dating and keeping relationships strong.