I am a California licensed psychotherapist and author of several books and Journals, including Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions.

 Julie Bjelland, LMFT・Helping Highly Sensitive People

I’ve taken what I know about the trait, what I know about the brain, and what I know about the personal experience of extreme sensitivity and developed particular tools and techniques to help reduce the challenges and increase the positives that HSPs experience on a daily basis.

These techniques have been developed over years of working with highly sensitive people and have been extremely successful for the clients that I work with. Highly sensitive people tend to really thrive quickly with the right tools. And I think it’s important to have these tools because our life gets a lot better and so does the life of those around us.

Working with Me

In addition to my private practice, I developed and teach innovative online global brain-training courses for the “Highly Sensitive Person” trait. I also coach HSPs globally and am a consultant and supervisor to other therapists, as well as parents regarding their highly sensitive children. I am recognized for my expertise in the Sensory Processing Sensitivity trait and was featured on several interviews, including as a guest expert on Dr. Rick Hanson’s Foundation of Well-Being Program.

My passion is helping people live their best lives and thrive. I specialize in anxiety and self-esteem, communication training, and the LGBTQ community. I am a highly sensitive person myself and the mother of two highly sensitive children. 


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