I am Julie Bjelland a licensed psychotherapist, global HSP consultant, and empowerment coach,  and author of several books and Journals

Julie Bjelland, LMFT・Helping Highly Sensitive People

My passion is in neuropsychology and determining how to successfully train the brain so people can live their best lives. I specialize in the trait of high sensitivity and have helped thousands of highly sensitive people around the world.

As an HSP myself, I understand what it is like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions. I am also mother to two highly sensitive children, so I am well-equipped to help and support other parents of HSP children. I am recognized as an expert in sensory processing sensitivity and consult with companies and corporate leaders that want to harness the incredible gifts of the HSP in the workplace. I also work with other mental health and medical professionals to ensure both the needs and strengths of HSPs are fully understood and recognized.

I am the author of several books and journals and teach an online course for HSPs. My book Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions received praise from world-renowned psychologists Tara Brach, PhD, Rick Hanson, PhD, and Ted Zeff, PhD. I am now pleased to serve as the sensitivity expert for Dr. Hanson’s online program the Foundations of Well-Being.

In addition to my work with HSPs, I also specialize in working with anxiety, self-esteem, communication training, and the LGBTQQ community.

Other books and journals I have written include Positives Journal: A Companion Workbook to Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person, Challenges and Growth Journal: A Companion Workbook to Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person, How I Appreciate You: Journal to Build Closeness and Connection, and Gratitude.

My new book, The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person: How to Harness Your Sensitivity into Strength in a Chaotic World is available for pre-order now. Learn more by visiting www.empoweredhsp.com.

I’ve taken what I know about the trait, what I know about the brain, and what I know about the personal experience of extreme sensitivity and developed particular tools and techniques to help reduce the challenges and increase the positives that HSPs experience on a daily basis.

These techniques have been developed over years of working with highly sensitive people and have been extremely successful for the clients that I work with. Highly sensitive people tend to really thrive quickly with the right tools. And I think it’s important to have these tools because our life gets a lot better and so does the life of those around us


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