HSP Affiliate Program for julie bjelland, LMFT

Thank you for your interest in being an Affiliate for Julie Bjelland. Affiliates receive a 50% commission on ebook sales and course sales. You get to help HSPs learn about these important resources so they can live better AND make some extra money. The following ebooks and course are available to be part of the Affiliate program:

  1. Brain Training For The Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques To Reduce Anxiety And Overwhelming Emotions. An 8-Week Program

  2. The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person, How To Harness Your Sensitivity In A Chaotic World

  3. Both Ebooks above as a bundle.

  4. New! Earn 50% commission on every sign-up to the Brain Training Course.

Julie’s mission is to spread awareness and education of the trait of the Highly Sensitive Person.

If you become an Affiliate, you’ll get a special link, unique to you. to use to post about the books and course. It automatically tracks registrations that come through your link and we pay your commission quarterly via Paypal.

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