Julie Bjelland, LMFT

 The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person

How to harness sensitivity into strength in a chaotic world

Many Highly Sensitive People find our chaotic, modern world very challenging. You might often feel misunderstood, have high-stress levels and are overwhelmed a lot.

Do you…

  • Feel everything deeply and have a hard time balancing everything you have to do in your life?

  • Find your thoughts spinning making it hard to relax and sleep? Does it sometimes feel like your brain has too many tabs open?

  • Have a harsh inner critic harsh because you feel flawed or not good enough sometimes?

  • Often feel guilty about creating boundaries and saying no?

  • Crave solitude and feel like you don’t get enough time to rest and restore?

  • Feel more sensitive and emotional than a lot of people around you? Sometimes you might feel like you have to have a wall up to protect yourself so you don’t get hurt.


You are not alone.

Many Highly Sensitive People have these challenges.

We experience the world differently than up to 80% of the population. Our nervous system is programmed to be so highly in-tune and aware that it often goes into overdrive in the busy, fast-paced current version of our lives.

Fortunately, there is a way to feel better.  


Pause for a moment and imagine a life… 

  • Feeling balanced and living a life that aligns with and honors who you are.

  • Where you feel understood, accepted and loved for being YOU in the world.

  • Being able to pause, reflect and respond, rather than react.

  • Feeling calmer, having more energy, and sleeping really well.

Julie’s new book conveys the knowledge and insight, care and compassion, advice and support she brings to her work with Highly Sensitive People. Highly recommended!
— Rick Hanson's "Buddha's Brain" Page

Would you like to transform your life? Introducing…


This Ebook can help you:

  • Reach Your Goals, Live Your Best Life, and Help You Access Your Gifts and Strengths.

  • Align Your Energy So You Can Do Less and Accomplish More.

  • Boost Self-Esteem, Self-Compassion and Self-Love.

  • Create Better Life Balance, Become Confident in Saying No and Creating Healthy Boundaries.

  • Cultivate Conscious, Loving Connections That Honor You Authentically.

I now feel centered, resilient, empowered, energetic, and joyful, and am bringing my best to my life and to the people in it.
— Michelle in California
Julie Bjelland | Helping HSP’s live their best life

About Julie

As an HSP psychotherapist and mother of Highly Sensitive Children, I understand on such a deep level what it's like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions. I’ve taken what I know about high sensitivity and the differences of the unique HSP brain and helped thousands of HSPs experience profound growth and transformation. I want that for you! Life can be SO much better. I believe that the world can only benefit from more empowered HSPs.


Transforming your life is within your reach


Once we achieve true empowerment and balance it’s like a positive domino effect on every aspect of our lives!


Since learning these skills I’m a better mother, partner, friend, and can now harness my sensitive strengths to support my calling in life... helping you become an empowered HSP!

If not now, when?

You owe yourself the love and compassion you give to the world so freely. Those around you will also benefit. Let’s get empowered together!

The new tools I learned to use are helping me feel better and less overwhelmed at home and at work, I learned to take care of myself instead of being at the bottom of my priority list and this makes a huge difference in my energy levels. Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart.
— Marta in Finland

Start your Transformation!

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Julie has helped me learn to love myself more and be proud of who I am.
— Val in United Kingdom

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