Anxiety & the Highly Sensitive Person


In my experience, people with high anxiety most likely have the trait of high sensitivity found in 20% of the population. There are particular brain differences in those of us with the trait of high sensitivity, that makes us more susceptible to high stress and anxiety. I’ve found that those of us who score higher on the HSP self-test tend to have higher levels of stress and anxiety. Understanding these brain differences is crucial to managing anxiety. For years I have been specializing in this trait and have seen incredibly successful results in reducing anxiety in my clients and students. HSPs come to me saying that they have been suffering for years with anxiety and within a few weeks see vast improvement very quickly. Combining the talents of our extra activated insula, the seat of awareness, with our unique depth of processing capabilities, we can set an intention to make change very quickly with the right information. I’ve seen this happen more rapidly with HSPs then non-HSPs. Being an HSP with high anxiety is kind of like being dropped off in a jungle and having no idea which direction to go. I’ve been on these paths with thousands of HSPs globally and know the routes so well I can now take HSPs there very quickly. Seeing so many HSPs improve rapidly made me want to get this information out to more people in the sensitive community and why I am so passionate about spreading this awareness.

I knew how being sensitive in today’s modern world can cause so many challenges, and we can be overtaken with overstimulation and overwhelm. I was one of those non-trained HSPs with a supercomputer brain and full blown anxiety. I used to suffer every day with how much harder everything was with anxiety. The more I studied and learned about the particular differences and needs of the HSP brain the more I realized we could use what we know about the brain and this trait to reduce the many challenges so we can finally live without anxiety. We can intentionally activate certain centers in the brain that deactivate the anxious, stressed centers! Isn’t that amazing? I love this part! If we use particular techniques, we can change the response our brain is having and even stop adrenaline from being sent out to calm our nervous system quickly. The results are amazing. I love witnessing this with other HSPs too!

I have always been fascinated with the brain and how we can literally activate certain parts of it intentionally and by using particular techniques we could even grow new neural sprouts that can help us become less reactionary and feel more in control. We have an overly activated amygdala too, which means that without training most HSPs set off the fight/flight/freeze part of the brain almost daily. I know I used to feel this alarm system go off in my brain almost every day. It feels horrible when your heart starts racing, your muscles tighten, and your body starts screaming from the inside out, but it is also really hard on your health. Stomachaches, headaches, and long term chronic conditions develop and worsen with the constant release of stress hormones. Many HSPs are also not sleeping well and feeling depleted and burnt out. It can be so hard being an untrained HSP. You have been given this supercomputer brain with no instruction manual. It can do amazing things but only if you know how to navigate it.

If you are struggling with anxiety, I hope you know it can get better. I’ve observed that people reach a point in which they get ready to make a change. This change usually comes from a couple of places.

Maybe you have reached a point in life where you cannot continue the way things have been, and you have to pivot and do something about it to make life better.

Or maybe you have a goal that you cannot reach without things getting better. Perhaps you want to be more centered and balanced and healthy for your children, your partner, or your career?

Find out how my brain-training program can help you live to your highest potential.

I always find it so special, that moment when an HSP knows it’s time to make a change. Have you had that moment yet? I remember my moment. I still have these thoughts about how amazing it is that I get to help people with their moments now. Every day I get to hear from an HSP about how their life has transformed from the techniques I’ve developed or the way something I said clicked and things felt clear for the first time. What I do know for sure is that you are needed in the world as your whole self. When you feel ready, there are tools to help you get to where you want to go so you can live life well.

So, what is the first step toward reducing anxiety as an HSP? Learn everything you can about your unique HSP brain. It’s essential that you understand why you experience the things you do and learn what techniques work for HSPs individually.

As you can see, there are so many resources for you to explore. Know that you are not alone. Life gets better. We need you thriving in the world. Let’s do this together!

~Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist, global HSP consultant, author of several books, and expert in the field of high sensitivity who has helped thousands of highly sensitive people around the world. As an HSP herself, and mother of highly sensitive children, Julie understands what it is like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions. Her mission is to spread awareness and education of the trait and to help HSPs reduce the challenges so they can access their many gifts! Julie invites you to explore her website that is full of HSP resources:

Julie Bjelland