Podcast: Embracing Individuality-How to Support Your Highly Sensitive Child


It’s my pleasure to share with you the discussion I recently had with Elisheva Schwartz on her podcast, The Dyslexia Quest. We talk about how best to support a highly sensitive child and discuss the idea of parenting with an openness to individuality and diversity for those of us that have different needs than the majority. If you are the parent of a highly sensitive child this will especially resonate with you. Click the player below to listen!

~Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist, global HSP consultant, author of several books, and leader in the field of high sensitivity and has helped thousands of highly sensitive people around the world. As an HSP herself, and mother of highly sensitive children, Julie understands what it is like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions. Her mission is to spread awareness and education of the trait and to help HSPs reduce the challenges so they can access their many gifts! Julie invites you to explore her website that is full of HSP resources: www.juliebjelland.com.

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