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The following resources are offered to spread awareness and education about the trait of high sensitivity, found in at least 20% of the population. The goal is to help you reduce your challenges, so you can access your many gifts and live to your highest potential, creating a positive, domino effect on the world. These resources include effective tips, tools, and techniques that I have either developed or that I recommend to HSPs. I’m Julie, a psychotherapist, author, global HSP specialist, and highly sensitive person.

These resources will make you feel understood, validated, and empowered. Let’s connect and thrive together. Imagine the world we can create.

We Need your Beautiful, Sensitive Self in the world


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If you are overwhelmed and exhausted as an HSP, and are motivated to make things better, find out if my 8-week brain-training program with HSP coaching is a good fit for you. My mission is to help empower and transform the lives of HSPs!  Your best self and full life is needed in the world. You can get the book a free call link here

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