Highly Sensitive People Need More Brain Processing Time

Most HSPs in my psychotherapy practice and my online HSP course tell me that examples I give from my life as a highly sensitive person often help them. So I'll share one today. Yesterday my niece gave birth! I got to be there to witness this amazing day with her and it was full of emotions as you can imagine. When I got home yesterday, I felt like I was "buzzing." Many of you may relate to this feeling? I think it was my nervous system on overload. I also felt elated. Last night while trying to fall asleep I was still buzzing, and I'm tired today, but the difference with my training is that I used to feel panicked when I couldn't fall asleep when my mind was racing, and that would turn into a night without sleep.  Then the following day I would be overly sensitive and emotional and then go into a shame spiral for however I may have reacted that day.  Does that sound familiar? But this time, with the understanding of our HSP brain, I comforted myself last night and just said to myself that I need to lay here and process the day. I took away the panic, and after less than an hour of calm processing, I fell asleep! Am I still tired today from all of that yesterday? Absolutely. But it is a more manageable tired because I was kind to myself and knew I just needed to let myself process the day. That's one example of using what we know about our HSP brains to help us. I didn't have to waste so much energy on being hard on myself or cleaning up feelings of shame the next day after emotional reactions from being too tired to be balanced. I hope that little example of the understanding of our needs as highly sensitive people helps a bit. :)

Comment below if you are a highly sensitive person and relate to this and/or have also experienced a feeling of "buzzing" when your nervous system may have been overly activated.  

Julie Bjelland, LMFT  Author of: "Brain Training For The Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques To Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions: An 8-Week Program."  

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