What Drains and Fills Energy for an HSP?

Most HSPs tell me that one of their biggest struggles is the feeling of being tired, depleted and overwhelmed. Here is a list of things that generally drain our energy and things that fill it up. In what ways do you relate? Feel free to add more in the comments.

These tend to drain our energy and use precious brain space:
Self judgment
Self blame
Too high expectations of ourselves
Trying to please everyone
Putting everybody's need above our own too often and at the expense of our own needs
Being too busy
Not enough rest
Sensory overload

These give us energy and create extra brain space:
Self care (meditation, yoga, swimming, naps, time with pets, music, reading, etc)
Quiet alone time
Rest and enough sleep
Developing more self compassion
Self acceptance
Being creative and or doing things that we love
Connecting deeply

Living well with proper self care and balance as a highly sensitive person allows us to access our super strengths and gifts of the trait so we can thrive.

Julie Bjelland, LMFT

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