Why Are You so Sensitive? What’s Wrong with You?


HSP Tip: When you have been surrounded by the majority of the population (80%) that don’t have this trait, it is easy to feel different, and misunderstood. You absolutely experience life in a different way then they do. Today’s tip is to recommend that you spend time around other highly sensitive people, like in our online community, Sensitive Empowerment, because it is incredibly transformative and helps normalize your experience as a sensitive person. I heard one HSP refer to our new community as HSP Wonderland. I love that!

Why are you so sensitive? What’s wrong with you?

Why are you reacting like that? Toughen up. Are you crying again? 

How many of those sound familiar to you? Those words hurt us. Most of us spent a good portion of our life feeling like there is something wrong with us. We've been the minority (only 20% have this trait) surrounded by the majority who don't have the trait. Many of us have heard the messages that something is wrong with us. 

Maybe you have been trying to "fit in" and do what everyone else seems to be able to do, but you feel so tired and overwhelmed. You say yes when you want to say no. You are a giver and feel guilty if you put yourself first. Criticism hurts because you try so hard not to make mistakes. You can't get everything done and feel like you are living in survival mode just trying to get through the day. Does this sound familiar? 

I've been working with (aka obsessed with) the trait of high sensitivity for years now as a psychotherapist and global HSP educator. One of the reasons I have become so engrossed is seeing how a sensitive person can transform and truly blossom in the world with the right support. It is one of the most beautiful aspects of my work because I can see down the path that you might not have even known was possible. You have evolved with this trait for a reason, in fact, for the survival of the population. You have gifts that 80% of the world's population doesn't. You might not realize that yet, but if you spend enough time with me, you soon will. 

These gifts tend to be buried under your overwhelm, exhaustion, and an overly activated emotional brain.  You have a supercomputer brain, but no one taught you how to navigate it. If you have been using the "owners manual" that 80% are using it won't work well for your superpowered nervous system. The world isn't set up for sensitive people, so we are usually overstimulated, and sometimes our nervous system is burnt out causing lots of problems.  

So basically you have a nervous system that tends to get overwhelmed in today's modern society because it's too stimulating for a sensitive system on so many levels! I've worked with thousands of HSPs all over the world and have figured out what works and what doesn't for your system.  

I find it incredible that with just a few changes in the way you care for yourself and the ability to use techniques that train your brain, you can begin to function at a more optimal level quite quickly. Think of sensitive people like an orchid flower. An orchid needs the right conditions, and then it blooms brilliantly.  You can bloom brilliantly too. You are remarkable. Once you lift off the layers of challenges, you will see how amazing your supercomputer brain is and why you are needed in the world. We need to have you living at your optimal level so your gifts can be shared with the world. Sensitive people have so much value, and when we are living at our highest empowered potential, we can change the world. 

Being around other sensitive people is normalizing, validating, and wonderful too. It changes the way you view yourself when you get to be around other HSPs. We make each other feel safe, supported, and cared about. It's like we speak the same language, have the same experiences, and finally feel like we can be ourselves. Bringing a group of sensitive people together is like finding your true home. We care about each other and the world so much so when you bring a group of us together, the feeling is supportive, compassionate, empathetic, and beautiful. 

I am so excited about all the ways we are going to lift each other higher in the world. So I wanted to create a unique online community just for HSPs that allows us to empower each other as we learn, grow, connect and transform together. I am so excited to see this community growing and hope you will join your HSP tribe! It's incredible to be together. There are 1.4 billion of us in the world, and now we finally have a place to be that is off of social media chaos and in a unique new home together. 

Come join your Sensitive Empowerment Community. I post free trainings, Q&A, and support for the sensitive and it’s a special space to connect with other kind and compassionate HSPs. Learn, grow, connect and transform here: https://www.sensitive-empowerment.com/

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Julie is a licensed psychotherapist, author, and founder of Sensitive Empowerment, an online global community for highly sensitive people. As a leader in the field of high sensitivity, Julie has helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSP) around the world and is excited to empower sensitive people to access their gifts and truly flourish.  As an HSP herself, Julie understands what it's like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions, and is on a mission to empower HSPs to live their best lives.

Julie has developed proprietary tools and techniques to help reduce the challenges and increase the positives that HSPs experience on a daily basis. These techniques have been developed over years of working with highly sensitive people and have proven extremely successful for her clients and students.

In her free time, Julie loves being in nature, around animals, gardening, learning, and daydreaming about having a little farm one day. She shares her home with her partner, two children, and a houseful of pets and plants. 

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