How HSPs Can Avoid Feeling Drained- 5-Minute Video Tip

As an HSP (highly sensitive person) do you feel you need extra downtime after spending time in crowds, socializing, or traveling? 

Do you become overwhelmed when trying to deal with simultaneous demands on your attention?

Or maybe you’re irritated by stimuli like bright lights, ticking clocks, dripping water, subtle smells, and uncomfortable materials or textiles (like seams or tags in clothing)?

If you found yourself nodding along in recognition, you’re not alone! These sensitivities and challenges are actually linked to deeper processing in your brain...

As HSP consultant I have been sharing with you lately, as an HSP you’re uniquely gifted. However, without knowing how to navigate daily life (and relationships) with your sensitivities, it’s very common to end up feeling drained.

In the 5-minute video below, I share how you can minimize this feeling of being drained — and how you can replenish your energy too:

How HSPs Can Avoid Feeling Drained


In my upcoming live video program, 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity: Understand Your Emotional Brain, Navigate Overwhelm & Flourish as an HSP, I'll show you proven brain-training practices that transform stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

You’ll also discover:

  • A clear definition of the HSP trait and an understanding of yourself within it

  • How to prevent stress centers in the brain from over-activating

  • Tools uniquely suited to HSPs to help you increase self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-compassion

  • How to educate mental health and medical professionals so you can get the support you truly need

  • How to give yourself permission to live your life in a way that supports you

  • And much, much more...

Find out more about 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity— including how you can register! — here.

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About Julie Bjelland, LMFT

Julie is a psychotherapist, author, and leader in the field of high sensitivity, and has helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSP) around the world. As an HSP herself, Julie understands what it's like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions, and is on a mission to empower HSPs to live their best lives.

Julie has developed proprietary tools and techniques to help reduce the challenges and increase the positives that HSPs experience on a daily basis. These techniques have been developed over years of working with highly sensitive people and have proven extremely successful for her clients and students.

In her free time, Julie loves being in nature, around animals, gardening, learning, and daydreaming about having a little farm one day. She shares her home with her partner, two children, and a houseful of pets and plants.

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