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HSP Tip: When we set intentions to improve aspects of our life, we set ourselves up for success. 

When I start a course I love to have HSPs set their intentions. Here are some that HSPs have shared in my newest course, 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity, Understand Your Emotional Brain, Navigate Overwhelm, & Flourish as an HSP. and I just loved them so much I wanted to share them with you! 

  • I feel that I am seeing the world today as a different person. Not the anxious, indecisive, making sure everyone needs are sorted before mine - person but I feel more complete, loving towards myself and ready to enjoy my journey. I have read so many books and attended many courses over the years but I feel this is what I have been waiting for. Seems to FIT me. And it's only week 1. My intention is to concentrate on self care and take time in nature every day. Thank you Julie. 

  • My intention for the course is to deepen my knowledge of the physical and mental/emotional science behind being an HSP, reduce stress and anxiety and bring more calm and balance into my life, my relationships and my work for HSP. 

  • My intention is to not only feel less "overwhelm" in every aspect of my life, but also be able to be a better mom and help my child learn better coping skills as well.

  • My intention is to strengthen my control over my reactions, particularly when overwhelmed.

  • My biggest challenge is the self-care bit-trying to find enough time to take care of myself as an HSP without feeling guilty or "selfish". So my intention is to practice self-care and lessen stress.

  • My intention – to understand, own and fully appreciate my HSP trait; to lovingly offer myself appropriate self-care and self-compassion; and to rediscover my sensitive self from a new and accurate perspective.

  • I would like to take the tools learned in this course to support my own HSP self and also in the future to support my clients.

  • I hope to gain a truer understanding of who I am and how I am. I hope that this will allow me to interact with others more lovingly and less emotionally, especially my loved ones. I earnestly hope that learning more about this trait and practical ways to handle it will alleviate some of my chronic pain and physical problems. I hope that I will discover or learn ways to put my past behind me and heal from it.

  • I can relate to everyone saying they are looking to better their way of living by taking better care of themselves and feeling less overwhelmed, guilty, etc.... I want that too!! But my main goal is to reconnect with myself and to sharpen my senses and decide between the different paths that are presented to me.... I want to learn so much! But need to understand myself fully before, be centered and aligned and recover physical, mental and spiritual strength....that is my goal....

  • My intention is to deepen my understanding of the trait (I LOVE to understand things & reflect) & learn tools and apply them to my daily life. My goal is to develop my skills (train by brain!) to stop this constant fight/struggle with this modern day hectic world and instead establish a way of living in it which works for me so that I can fully tap into my strengths I know I have, but feel buried under this layer of overwhelm.

  • My intention is to understand myself better so I can understand why I feel different & somehow let others know why & who I am (family, friends & especially medical) I've never fit into the "most people" group. I feel so uncomfortable in my body, my clothes, everywhere I go. I hope to learn how to let my past go, & quit walking around in it. Let go of the Baggage ie: guilt, worry, indecision etc. To quit overreacting so I can have peace, & not overthink & analyze everything & then get anxiety & panic. I think this course will be very good for me. Thank you for offering it.  I look forward to it.

  • My intention for this class is to learn how to treat myself with the same love and devotion I treat all the people I love. - That would be amazing. No one has ever treated me that well before and I deserve it. I know I'm complicated and most people won't understand how to take care of me. But I get it. I live it. I am the best-qualified person once I have the knowledge and skills this class will teach me.

  • My intention for this course, is to reach the next understanding of how to love and nurture all of me. To reach the wounded parts to heal, and to live more consistently and with grace and more ease in the fullest iteration of my highest self.

  • My intentions for this course are (1) to develop the skills needed to stop overfilling that cup and constantly feel as if my nerve endings are sticking out of my skin, which also relates to my desire to feel healthier. (2) I have been on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for years and I would love to get off of them so another intention is for me to find and use those tools to reduce or even eliminate that stress, increase self-love and self-care. (3) I also want to feel happy, truly happy. My heart feels so much love and empathy and compassion toward others, but I can't make myself feel happy. (I find the negatives do seem to increase as I get older so the tools I get from this class will be wonderful!) Thank you!

  • My intentions are like all the above messages. Also I would like to have more motivation, consistency, lots of self care and know better how to overcome fear that many other HSP have that's been acquired through childhood, relationships or just the pain of being an HSP. I hope to flourish to my ability, increase self love and be able to do what I'd like to do. I'd also like to get well because I believe my issues are directly related to being HS. Thank you Julie so much for doing such WONDERFUL work and having such an inspiring class that was chocked full of fantastic information to help us get started. Thanks again.

  • In this class I'd like to learn how to have balance and how to know what we need. Thanks again!

  • I just want to grow emotionally and accept myself more and be less hard on myself.

  • I’d like to increase confidence, self esteem and move away from draining / negative people or situations.

  • Tears of relief streaming down my face learning more of this concept of HSP from a lifetime of feeling I don’t belong in this world and I am somehow not equipped with what it takes to keep up in this life. Presently positive tank is depleted and my mind overfilled with unprocessed overwhelm. I am looking forward to learn more about hsps , coping strategies and resilience and I already feel the much appreciated support to spend more time in nature, thank you!!

  • Hi all, so happy to be doing this course with you. My intentions are: 1. To learn and practice the brain-training "survival strategies" to help me to cope with a very over-stimulating and demanding work environment; 2. To learn to better appreciate and harness the gifts of my sensitivity; 3. To build self-love and self-esteem as I learn to give myself permission to be myself and to take care of myself; and 4. to learn more about the trait and be better able to explain it to other people.

  • I am so pleased to be here with you all. My intention is to embrace my HSPness more fully through learning and practicing the tools accessible to me for managing the variety of daily life happenings, and to share my HSP gifts and tools more confidently with my HSP clients/HSP family members for greater understanding and acceptance. To become more confident overall while respecting my innate nature so that I can connect authentically and compassionately each day with myself, others, and community.

  • More peace.

  • I know when I'm overwhelmed, my HSP gifts are harder to access and share. I want to have my gifts be stronger than my overwhelm.

  • My intention is to understand more about myself and other HSPs I know, to learn ways to thrive as an HSP and to educate others about us along with ways to honor us. 

  • My intention is to learn tools to help me handle groups better and how to handle overwhelm.

Aren’t those beautiful? What intentions can you create that would help improve your life? If you would like to learn more about how to live your fullest, check out the techniques I teach highly sensitive people in my books and courses. and know that The Shift Network is hosting this course and allows access to all the materials for a year so even if you join the course after it started you can still access all the video, audio and transcripts for all 7 weeks and take it at your own pace. This course is highly recommended for HSPs and we encourage you to enroll now while they are still giving access to the materials. 

As a psychotherapist and educator specializing in the trait of high sensitivity, I've been listening to what you need. I am excited to be in the process of creating a special HSP community for you all to have the information you need, free trainings from me, and monthly Q/A to help you reduce the challenges and increase access to your gifts, as well as a place to connect with other sensitive people with the same interests. Please take this quick survey to tell me what topics you would be interested in. Thank you!

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