Working Less Hours= Increased Productivity And Better Work/Life Balance


Research shows that supervisors rate the performance of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) higher than Non-HSPs, but we are also reporting higher stress levels and lower well-being at work. So what do we do?  

1. Take REAL, stress-reducing Breaks!  Most HSPs report working through breaks.  But research shows us that we become less productive if we don't take breaks.  In general, the most productive people are the ones that take the most breaks.  Some research suggests that the most productive people take at least a 15 minute break every hour!

2. Consider advocating to work either 6 hour days or work 4 days per week.  New research is showing us that working fewer hours is actually helping us have a better work/life balance and making us more productive! I think this is incredibly important for HSPs. Think about fewer commute hours and more downtime.  Remember, as HSPs we do best with the recommended 2 hours of downtime per day and at least one full day off per week (without work/chores). 

3. Meaningful work is important for HSPs.  We spend a lot of our waking hours at work and it has been noted that for most HSPs we need to feel fulfilled, like we are making a difference and that what we are doing is meaningful.  

Levels of stress and anxiety are increasing and I think we need this paradigm shift.  I encourage you to advocate for your needs in the workplace.  

Check out this interesting infographic:

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~Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist, global HSP consultant, and leader in the field of high sensitivity and has helped thousands of highly sensitive people around the world. As an HSP herself, Julie understands what it is like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions. Julie teaches an online course for HSPs and is the author of several books.