Is anxiety zapping your energy and holding you back in life?

I want you to know you don’t have to suffer anymore. There is a way to free yourself and transform your life forever.  Book a call with me to learn more about my innovative brain-training program created specifically for the highly sensitive person. This VIP program has an extremely high success rate and is designed for the HSP who is ultra committed to bettering their life forever.

Highly Sensitive People often struggle with

  • High Stress Levels and Anxiety Holding You Back In Life

  • Overwhelming Emotions

  • Feeling Overly Sensitive and Reactionary

  • Having Low Energy or Being Depleted

  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Feeling Not Good Enough

  • Having a Hard Time Saying No or Creating Healthy Boundaries

  • Low Self-Esteem or Self Worth


You are not alone. Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) make up at least 20% of the population and there are specific brain differences that make us more susceptible to increased stress, depression, anxiety and overwhelming emotions. We were born with these supercomputer brains, but no one taught us how to navigate these differences.

Until now.

I highly recommend that highly sensitive people take Julie Bjelland’s HSP course. This thorough and well-researched class contains many techniques to help transform the HSP’s life. Even if the student implements only a portion of the many practical and innovative methods that are presented in the course for calming the sensitive nervous system, the HSP will live a happier, more tranquil and productive life.
— Ted Zeff, Ph.D. author of "The Highly Sensitive Person Survival's Guide," "The Strong Sensitive Boy," and " The Power of Sensitivity

Just imagine….

  • Feeling more in control of your emotions and being able to pause, reflect and respond, instead of react

  • Having more energy, even creating extra brain space to get the creative center in your brain flowing strongly

  • Sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed and positive

  • Feeling calm in situations that used to make you feel anxious or overwhelmed

  • Living your life in alignment with your core values of meaning and purpose, and honoring who you are

  • Feeling fulfilled and positive at work

  • Knowing your needs and getting them met, being able to set healthy boundaries without guilt

  • Feeling more connected and close in your relationships and friendships

  • What your life would be like if you lived in a calm, centered space and felt balance in your life

Advice to other HSPs: TAKE THIS CLASS. My life is so much better because of it. Prior to taking this class I was very anxious, stressed and unhappy with myself. I felt different from everyone else (friends, family, coworkers, etc). I took this out on others and myself. Now, eight weeks later, I feel calm, relaxed and I am completely okay with being different. I embrace my sensitivity as a gift and take time to care for myself to stay balanced. When I stumble, I have my toolbox handy to help pick me up and get me back on track. This class is truly worth it and, most importantly, you’re worth it!
— Liz, Delaware

Who Am I and How Can I Help?

I’m Julie Bjelland, a psychotherapist, author and global HSP consultant who specializes in the trait of high sensitivity. I’ve helped thousands of HSPs just like you move out of survival mode into thriving and empowerment. Being an “untrained” HSP is really hard. I know because I used to struggle too. Before I knew about this trait of high sensitivity I walked around in the world feeling like my sensitivity was a weakness. I felt different and misunderstood, like there was something wrong with me. Now I get to live my life aligned in my center, feeling balanced and strong. I want that for you too! I want to help you become a “trained” HSP, one that knows how to navigate the emotional brain and live the life you deserve. Also, if you work with HSPs in your profession, or have highly sensitive children, you will love learning these tools to pass onto them! As a mother to sensitive children, I know that having these tools helps them too!

I specialize in the unique brains of HSPs and it is my mission to help you thrive. I’ve taken what I know about the trait, what I know about the brain, and what I know about the actual experience of extreme sensitivity and developed this online course for HSPs to work through the 8-week program, with access to ask me questions through each week.

I know for sure, without a doubt, life can be SO much better with the right tools and information and a new narrative. Sensitivity comes with so many gifts and I want you to discover the positives within you.

Julie has developed great expertise and success in her work with Highly Sensitive People. She has used research, clinical experience and her HSP gifts to develop a unique and effective therapeutic approach to help HSP clients overcome the obstacles of living in a world that is too often not supportive of HSP needs, and to help HSPs feel accepted and valued rather than different or “wrong”. The course also offers the benefit of Julie’s warm, compassionate voice and her caring.
— Jeannie Wolitzer, LMFT

Are you ready to transform your life?

For just an hour or two a week, you will begin to feel the benefits of this training.

This course gave me clarity, understanding, and acceptance of myself and what I need to thrive; like having an owner’s manual to myself as an HSP. I started the course feeling depleted and easily knocked down by life’s challenges. I now feel centered, resilient, empowered, energetic, and joyful, and am feeling and bringing my best to my life and to the people in it.
— Michelle, California

This course is self-paced so you can do it on your own time in the comfort of your own space. You can even take it while you are still in your pajamas!

I would like to thank you for offering this online course to HSPs. The format is great when having two small children and needing to be flexible. I am very glad I jumped in and recommend it to anyone who is suffering from being very sensitive instead of thriving. Thank you Julie for living your life purpose!
— Natalie, Cologne Germany
This course has helped me open my heart up to myself. It has changed my perspective and taught me that my sensitive trait is a gift not something to be endured painfully in my life. I feel calmer, more positive and hopeful. I recommend this course to anyone with High Sensitivity who needs understanding and acceptance of themselves. Give yourself this gift!
— Alicia, Santa Cruz, CA

About This Course


What Can You Gain From This Course?

  • Being able to feel a feeling without it overwhelming you.

  • Energy, focus, and productivity increased

  • Finding your internal spark of joy and living in alignment with what honors you

  • Feel more in control and respond instead of react to emotional experiences

  • Self-esteem and self-worth increased

  • Free yourself from intense, out-of-control overload

  • Sleep well and wake up restored

  • Self-compassion and self-love increased

  • Feel more connected

  • The ability to create healthy boundaries and say no without guilt

  • Become educated about new neuroscience and research that addresses the true differences in your HSP brain

I’ve been struggling with my anxiety for the past few years, and my brain feels like it can rest again. I am so grateful for this course and being able to work on myself for the better.”
— Chloe, California
The clients that completed your HSP course have really benefited from it and show marked improvements. So I am a strong advocate for your HSP course as I have witnessed its effectiveness.
— Vinodha Joly, LMFT
Julie what a gift this course is to HSPs. It has been important to have this information. To be heard and understood is so validating!
— Sharon, California

Course Outline

Week 1
Creating Brain Space and filling up the Positives

Week 2
About the Limbic System and Neural Pathway Training

Week 3
Practicing Self Care and Self Compassion

Week 4
Compassionate Exploration to Lower your Stress Levels

Week 5
Identifying Your Emotional Triggers and Learning How to Navigate your Limbic System

Week 6
Identifying Your Sensory Triggers and Accommodations

Week 7
Accessing the Positive Superpowers of being a Highly Sensitive Person

Week 8
Conclusion: Living Well and Authentically as a Highly Sensitive Person


What to expect in this program

  • I’ll give you everything you need to be successful: Weekly Live Coaching with me, tools to train your HSP brain, on-going guidance through the whole 8-weeks together, support from me as well as other beautifully, compassionate and supportive HSPs taking the program with you. Joining your HSP tribe in this private program is a beautiful way to feel deeply connected to people who experience life like you do. We transform together and its’ a very profound and wonderful way to do it. Most HSPs start to feel better about themselves, increase their energy, and lower their anxiety very quickly.

  • Weekly Live Video Coaching Support From Julie* (This is key to our high success rate). This information is not taught in medical schools or psychology programs and yet it is essential to really being able to combat anxiety longterm as an HSP.

  • I have an extremely high success rate with my clients. We will create a vision for you and get you there. For example, what would life be like for you without anxiety taking over? Who would benefit if you felt more centered and had more energy? This program combats anxiety long term. It is not a bandaid. We get into fixing the core. My clients ALWAYS tell me they wish they had done this sooner. They didn’t have to suffer so long and neither do you.

  • An owners manual to address YOUR specific brain experience. Most programs are created and taught by people in the 80%, non-HSPs, and that means they don’t work as well because they don’t take into account our unique brain differences. Many therapists do not even have this information. This program is developed with YOUR unique brain in mind and is for the 20% of us who experience the world in this unique way.

  • Take the course from the comfort of your own home. Weekly material takes about 1-2 hours per week. Much of the work is actually internal processing work as we grow new neural sprouts together! As an HSP specialist, I understand how to prevent overwhelm, so from the beginning you will be trained how to “learn and do” without getting overwhelmed.

  • Access to a private course discussion group of supportive and compassionate HSPs taking the program with you. HSPs who have taken my program say that it feels like finding your tribe. I always knew a group of HSPs would be so good to each other and it’s a great place to make deep lasting connections.

  • VIP HSP Access. I am here for you throughout the program. In addition to my live coaching, the program also includes weekly videos to support your learning, as well as written lessons and journaling prompts.

  • This is true, everlasting, lifetime changes in the brain that will help you finally become free of overwhelming anxiety.

I feel calmer, not as easily overwhelmed or stressed. Feeling more in control is such a blessing. I am grateful to have found this training course when I did. With the tools that I learned on the course, I know that my life is changed for the better...overwhelm is slowly being replaced with calm, joy, and hope for my future. Julie, I am forever grateful for your work and research, and for providing this online opportunity to share your knowledge.
— Mia, Ontario, Canada

Develop tools that last a lifetime

  • Increase your energy

  • Improve your health

  • Decrease overwhelm, stress and anxiety

  • Be able to work and still stay balanced

  • Become the kind of parent you wish you could have had

  • Learn to truly believe in yourself

  • Finally feel understood and accepted

  • Improve your relationships

  • Feel more connected in your friendships and relationships

  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries and say no without guilt

  • Live with meaning and fulfillment

  • Transform your life

This brain training course has been life changing. I am less overwhelmed (something I never thought I would experience), less stressed/anxious, and I am able to enjoy myself and life around me without the chaos. I love it. This course has not only enhanced my personal life, but has helped me help others in my professional life more effectively. I am so thankful for Julie and this course.
— Natalie Donohoo, Idaho

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

What I hear over and over again from my clients: “I wish I had done this sooner.”

In another year you will wish you did this today.

Why would you want to wait another minute knowing that there are tools that can truly make it better?

I talk to people that have been experiencing high anxiety for over 30 years! That’s just not OK. We don’t have to live like that. I have clients that are in their 60s telling me they wish they had done this earlier in their life. Maybe you’ve tried so many other ways that haven’t worked but I want you to know that those ways were created for the other 80% and do not take into account the brain differences of us the 20%.

Why is my success rate so high? It’s kind of like having a personal trainer for your brain because I actually use the brain differences in the HSP brain to support you to get out of anxiety, which is different then most programs that are created for non-HSPs (those without the trait). We activate particular parts of our brain (the calming, positive parts) and deactivate the stress/anxiety centers. We even grow new neural sprouts in about 3 weeks! I get it, I know it’s difficult, I’ve lived with it for many years myself until one day I just couldn’t continue having anxiety and overwhelm hold me back anymore and that’s when I started researching and training and developing and innovating and all those years of my experience and thousands of HSPs later I know what works. This is not a magic pill. There’s real changes to be made and some work to do, but it’s easier and more efficient with a guide who knows the journey and has been on it with thousands of HSPs. You deserve to live well.

If you don’t have a roadmap you might be driving in circles.

My most successful clients have 2 traits in common

  1. Motivation to make your life better. Either you don’t want to suffer anymore with this level of anxiety or exhaustion and you need to make a change, or maybe your anxiety and over-sensitivity is preventing you from reaching a goal (being the kind of present, patient parent you want to be, or succeeding in a job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, or improving aspects of your personal life. Imagine what would be better if you didn’t have anxiety draining your energy?

  2. Coachable. You want me to teach you, guide you and support you to help you create and reach your goals. Maybe you have read my books, watched me give a talk or you want to work with someone who specializes in the HSP brain and anxiety, or maybe you just feel connected to my work in some way and want to learn the techniques and tools that have been helping HSPs feel better around the world! You want to live life to the fullest!

What Would This Be Worth To You?

What would it be worth to you to transform your life? Who would benefit? Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. You will have valuable access to work with me, and together, we will create real lasting brain-training changes that you get to keep for a lifetime.

Past and current HSPs joined for these reasons

  1. A client in their 30s wanted to get a new job, but felt too overwhelmed and anxious. They went out and got their dream job with the support of this program!

  2. One client, in their 60s wanted to finally learn how to finally be authentic, do what they love and to get over the fear of flying so they can finally travel and enjoy life in retirement!

  3. Another HSP in their 40s wanted to start their own business but needed support along the way. We did business coaching AND emotional coaching to get them there and now they are out there running their own coaching program!

  4. A client in their 20s needed guidance to create healthy boundaries in toxic relationships in their family so they can move forward in life.

  5. One HSP had a lot of pain and chronic conditions and knew that reducing stress and anxiety would support their health and they were able to go off most of their medications that were causing side effects and their health improved dramatically!

  6. Another client was so held back by their anxiety that they couldn’t work. We were able to lower their anxiety and get them back into their career AND a fulfilling one at that!

  7. An HSP mom felt like she lost herself and needed support around making change around her life so she could be the best version of herself as a mom.

  8. Another HSP wanted to be able to improve their relationship, so we worked on coaching around dating and advocating for their needs. Another HSP needed to learn how to get their needs met in a current relationship.

  9. So many HSPs have so much talent and ideas for a career they always wanted, but feel too overwhelmed to put it into action. I’ve guided so many HSPs to help them live a life that is fulfilling and meets their needs. I myself work from home and am SO happy in my career. I had to learn the route to get there and love coaching other HSPs to live their life with meaning and fulfillment too.

  10. I LOVE supporting HSPs to reach their dreams. Through my years as a psychotherapist specializing in this trait, to my research and global work with HSPs I know the HSP brain jungle and would LOVE to guide you to reach your dreams. I truly believe anything is possible with the right support and guidance because I get to watch HSPs transform over and over again. Book a Call to find out how your dreams can come true. We need you blooming in the world!

What is your plan B? Is doing what you have been doing, working for you? If you keep doing the same thing you are doing, will you feel better in 8-weeks?

There are two types of people.

  1. Those who will say I can’t because I’m too overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, too busy, or too broke.

  2. Those that say I can’t keep feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and broke and that’s why I must do this to make a positive change. (This is the group I want to join my program). Book a call and let’s see if this program is right for you.

    Once you start, you’ll begin to feel so good you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

    It’s time to begin the journey to the new you!

    Special Price Today: $2000 (Regularly $3000). Save $1000! Only 2 slots left at this special price.

Which one of these responses did you have to reading the price?

  1. Where do I sign up? I think it’s worth investing in myself and I am so excited to finally have the right kind of tools to feel better!

  2. That’s expensive, but I know Julie has put years of work into helping HSPs and her success rate is really high and I loved her books and feel like she has helped a lot of HSPs and I want to join Julie’s special (VIP) HSP Tribe! I think there will be a lot of benefit to getting to work with Julie directly. I’m going to find a way because I can’t keep having anxiety hold me back and I know I can earn it back and MORE once I’m feeling better.

  3. Can I afford this? I don’t know, but I’ll ask Julie if she has a payment plan or knows how other clients got the money because I know I will be able to [finally get that job I want or start my own business] or [I need to do this for my children so I can be a better parent] or [I need to do this for my partner] or [I’ll save money in the long run on therapy] or [my health will improve and that will be worth every penny] or [I’m ready to finally be centered and balanced and live my life authentically!]

  4. I can’t afford that. Which can translate into: [I don’t really think I’m worth it] or [I would rather prioritize spending money on a vacation, clothes, eating out, gifts, hobbies, technology, home projects, parties, a nice car, etc… ] or [my wellness is not worth that amount to me] or [I don’t think this program will help me]. or [I’ll stick to plan B, doing the same thing I’ve been doing and hoping for different results].

I’d probably be in countless therapy hours if I didn’t take this course. Thank you Julie for a wonderful learning experience.
— Deidree, California

Mark the date today on your calendar as the day your life will transform.


Do you want to see what it is like to work with me before you sign up for the 8-week program?

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It’s Time to invest in yourself.

You deserve this!

What will your life be like without anxiety taking over? Who will benefit? Do it for yourself and do it for the people who love you. Their life also improves when yours does.

Sign up now to train your HSP brain and live your best life! 

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