HSP Brain Training - Transform Stress Into Calm

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You are beautifully sensitive.

You have the power to transform your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm into a sense of calm and groundedness — all through proven brain-training practices...

If these exciting revelations are sparking questions for you, I hope you’ll come to my LIVE Q&A session on Tuesday, August 6, at Noon Pacific.  

During the hour-long event, you can ask me anything you’ve been wondering about my upcoming training, 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity: Understand Your Emotional Brain, Navigate Overwhelm & Flourish as an HSP.

HSPs like you have profound gifts hidden underneath the challenges of high sensitivity. Because only 20% of the population are HSPs, though, you might find that the world is not set up well for you. As a result, you might end up feeling like something is wrong with you or like you don’t fit in... 

Science now validates what you’ve personally experienced as an HSP, and has determined exactly what’s going on in your brain.

During your seven weeks with me, you’ll discover how to turn the cognitive part of your brain back on so you can feel more in control, think more clearly, and be more focused and efficient.

In this brand-new LIVE video training, I will show you how to activate certain brain centers intentionally, so you feel more balanced and calm, using simple practices that also promote overall wellbeing…

And when you register for this exciting new training by Tuesday, August 6, you’ll also get instant access to this powerful bonus teaching...

Menopausal Symptoms & the HSP

Video Dialogue With Julie Bjelland and Julia Hipp, ND

Many highly sensitive people find their sensitivities increasing with age, and this talk reveals why hormonal changes can be particularly hard for HSPs, as well as how to support your sensitive system. You’ll discover alternative, holistic options that might work better for you as an HSP. Julie even shares some of her own stories and challenges with her sensitive system during menopause.

Find out more details about 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity — and register now to claim your bonus.

And I hope to see you at my live Q&A this Tuesday, August 6, at Noon Pacific! Register here for this event and you will also get access to my free HSP Webinar!  If you haven’t already seen it, please check it out while it’s still available! HSPs are telling me it is helping them feel understood, normalized and validated. I recommend watching it with your loved ones so they will better understand you too! 

Recommended steps to take. 

  1. Watch my free HSP Webinar

  2. Once you register for the webinar you will get an email with a link to join the Live Q/A on August 6 too!

  3. If you are ready to join me August 13 for my brand new training 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity you get extra bonuses when you sign up now. 

My mission is to get you blooming in the world to soar into your highest potential.  Together we will reduce your challenges so you can access your many needed gifts in the world. 



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About Julie Bjelland, LMFT

Julie is a psychotherapist, author, and leader in the field of high sensitivity, and has helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSP) around the world. As an HSP herself, Julie understands what it's like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions, and is on a mission to empower HSPs to live their best lives.

Julie has developed proprietary tools and techniques to help reduce the challenges and increase the positives that HSPs experience on a daily basis. These techniques have been developed over years of working with highly sensitive people and have proven extremely successful for her clients and students.

In her free time, Julie loves being in nature, around animals, gardening, learning, and daydreaming about having a little farm one day. She shares her home with her partner, two children, and a houseful of pets and plants. www.juliebjelland.com