Q&A with Julie Bjelland: Common Patterns, Challenges, Gifts, and Unique Brain Differences that HSPs Experience

I had a wonderful time doing the Q&A video for the Shift Network. If you weren’t able to join us, you can check out the video below.

Throughout the hour-long session, I answered many questions about the common patterns, challenges, gifts, and unique experiences that HSPs face, such as:

  • What kind of impact does social media — and technology in general — have on HSPs?

  • How can I help my spouse accept and appreciate my sensitivity?

  • Is the HSP trait hereditary?

  • What can I expect to experience during the 7-week course?

  • Can you say more about the science behind the HSP trait?

  • How do I not feel like I'm missing out because of my sensitivity?

To learn more about my new course beginning Tuesday, August 13, including how to register, click the button below.

During the 7-week course, I will share how HSPs can come to feel much more at home in the world. As you’ll discover, it all starts with giving yourself permission to be who you are — to fully embody and express your beautiful sensitivity!

Also, in case you missed it here’s a recording of my free HSP Webinar training Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Understand Your Emotional Brain, Navigate Overwhelm, and Discover You Are Gifted

In this training you will learn:

  • The most common patterns and challenges for HSPs — and how to acknowledge and support them in yourself

  • The latest brain science on the HSP “trait” and what your brain is doing to make you feel out of control, scattered, or like you're in survival mode, just trying to get through the day

  • A proven brain-training practice to signal your brain that you’re actually okay — and relieve stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

  • The profound gifts of being highly sensitive or an empath — and why these gifts are your superpowers

  • Techniques for customized self-care to refuel and nourish you.

I really hope you take the time to watch both the videos because you will learn more about yourself and how to care for your needs as a sensitive person so you can truly thrive and live your best life.

I hope to have you join me in my new course, 7 Steps to Embody the Gifts of Your Sensitivity that starts Tuesday, August 13 because it’s going to be so transformational! I will be teaching that LIVE! You can also have extended access to the replay of the videos, audio and transcripts if you miss any of the live sessions. Come join me! Discover more about my new course — including how you can register now! — here.

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About Julie Bjelland, LMFT

Julie is a psychotherapist, author, and leader in the field of high sensitivity, and has helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSP) around the world. As an HSP herself, Julie understands what it's like to live with high sensitivity and strong emotions, and is on a mission to empower HSPs to live their best lives.

Julie has developed proprietary tools and techniques to help reduce the challenges and increase the positives that HSPs experience on a daily basis. These techniques have been developed over years of working with highly sensitive people and have proven extremely successful for her clients and students.

In her free time, Julie loves being in nature, around animals, gardening, learning, and daydreaming about having a little farm one day. She shares her home with her partner, two children, and a houseful of pets and plants. www.juliebjelland.com

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