Careers/Jobs for the Highly Sensitive Person


As a psychotherapist and specialist of the Highly Sensitive Person, I often get asked what types of careers/jobs may be suitable for the highly sensitive person (HSPs). The following is a list compiled from polls given to HSPs that said they enjoyed their jobs:

  • Psychotherapist!!! We are naturally empathic. It's a great fit for me!

  • Graphic designer. Own a small agency with my husband, work from home. I love having a creative outlet, and if I don't get it through my work, I create things on the side.

  • I'm a bookkeeper and I love it.

  • I'm a massage therapist. I work one on one in a dark room with soft music all day. Also, it's very rewarding to know I help people feel better immediately.

  • Art Teacher. I'm very creative, caring and empathetic. Also, I can control everything about my classroom environment; music, lighting, etc

  • I am a remote transcriber for the hard of hearing. I work from home via Skype. LOVE IT

  • Accounting.... numbers help keep me grounded.

  • I was a nanny/household mgr. for 20 years, and I loved being home alone all week. Raising the 2 kids was great, cleaning and being trusted to manage the home worked well for me, and the parents loved it. Being trusted and left alone with a job was great!

  • I'm in sales but I work from home, and that is the key for me. I get to control my environment 85% of the time when not traveling.

  • Antiques dealer, I've always loved things from the past.

  • I'm in HR but in more of a behind-the-scenes role. It's a good mix of working alone and working with a small number of people I'm really close with. My favorite part of my job is running a mentoring program for employees -- very rewarding!

  • Fitness coach. Although I'm passionate about what I do, I'm still searching for balance with the loud music and many people and their emotions.

  • I'm an engineer - doesn't seem like a good HSP career until you realize I interact with extremely introverted people in a daily basis. I made my way into management pretty fast. Also, part of my job involves inspecting bridges. It's good to be able to pick up on subtleties when inspecting pretty much anything.

  • I look after intellectually disabled children. It can be very draining and challenging but overall very rewarding. Used to work in corporate IT. Corporate world didn't suit me. Too aggressive/competitive. Need to be in a healer/carer role!

  • I think I should have picked working with animals or plants. But I'm told my HSP traits serve me to help people more than others.

  • Im a lecturer, with a boss who understand my need to isolate myself sometimes.

  • Forensic Bookkeeper. I run my own company and work from home.

  • Elementary school counselor. I love helping others.

  • I am a nanny and am transitioning into personal assistant for a creative/artsy type. Being able to work for myself helps a lot, as does not having to work in a harsh office environment.

  • Work as a flight attendant at the moment. The flying is stressful on my body. But making cakes as a hobby. Would like to work from home doing that.

  • I love being able to teach Chinese children one on one English lessons online from home! It’s such a sweet part time job because it fits my HSP high empathy but not-so-organized personality perfectly! I love being able to spend a 25 minute class one on one with a child ages 4-12 and use gifts like empathy and sensitivity to fit each different child. It’s a great fit for any HSP who loves kids (and you just need a 4 year degree in anything!) They are always hiring more teachers!

  • Physical therapist. Helping people not to be in pain and helping them how to walk again after accidents etc.

  • Writer, artist, musician

  • I'm a Psychotherapist also! Beautifully enriching and powerful work but healing and helping comes with constant atunement to my needs and setting boundaries and limitations with what I take on.

  • Occupational therapist

  • Counseling psychologist - private practice.

  • Graphic Designer. Photographer.

  • Elementary school teacher! Love helping them learn. Although it is extremely draining. To gain my peace and serenity back I spend a tremendous amount of time with my horses.

  • Currently a substitute teacher in an elementary school setting. I am working on my Masters in School Counseling! I feel that working in a therapeutic setting with children is rewarding, and the perfect fit for me, especially being an HSP.

  • I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist. Love helping people, very fulfilling, and I make my own schedule.

  • Healers! I'm an Acupuncturist

  • I'm a medical doctor, and studying to become a surgeon. I think i can survive the job because I'm quite extroverted.

  • Librarian

  • I am also a massage therapist. It's amazing one on one work. I also practice Reiki along with that.

  • Massage therapist and Reiki practitioner I've also just started doing paid book reviews online from home

  • Speech and language therapist. I get to give emotional support to others and being highly sensitive I'm aware of the feelings of other people. I'd love to combine it with psychotherapy too one day.

  • I work as a clerk in civil service (pension insurance) and that's definitely the right place for me to be. No pressure, no stress. Very caring and supportive coworkers and bosses.

  • I did a nighttime newspaper route a long time ago. I loved it because I drove alone in the middle of the night in the country.

  • I am an academic advisor for university students...i love helping them...most of them are very good people.

  • Graphic Designer

  • HEALING industries! I'm in social work

  • I coordinate a specialist pediatric service for a hospital.

  • I'm a graphic designer and work from home. I used to work in corporate, but this is much less stressful and I prefer my quiet life.

  • Working independently as a repair tech in my own business allows me to control my environment and lets me avoid the issues of being around others too much.

  • Psychotherapist, yoga instructor, book editor- all on my terms!

  • I am currently a nanny and enjoy that because I have the ability to control my environment. If something is too loud or bright, I can change the lighting or change where I'm working.

  • Therapist/Counselor

  • I run my own repair tech business.

  • Artist/stay at home mom. I've been much less stressed since I left the work force and created my own creative and nurturing environment at home.

  • Public health educator/HIV counselor/Disease Intervention specialist

  • Working with special needs kids.

  • Special ed teacher also

  • Massage Therapist- work alone for myself/client.

  • Life coach! Ticks all the boxes. And as an empath I get to help people a lot, I just have to constantly watch myself not to get too emotionally invested, which drains me completely and wipes me out for the rest of the day!

  • Counselor/therapist

  • I have left primary school teaching and am now teaching yoga. A much better balance and I control the environment the majority of the time.

  • I was also a special ed teacher, now tutor and meditation teacher, energy healer and soon to be coach. Combining my love for helping people, spirituality, and empathy without being drained has been a challenge. Being able to control my own work is a major shift.

  • I have recently left primary school teaching (not so good for an hsp) to teach children's yoga. It's early days but so far, so good.

  • I am a retired nurse of 40+ years. I can truthfully say I know how my patients feel, and I will go 100% to help them feel better.

  • A self employed counselor, hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and medium (always been mediumistic and a normal part of my sensitivity)

  • Currently a recruiter (HR) I'm looking for changing to be a teacher

  • Healthcare Chaplain - after receiving my graduate degree and completing a Chaplain Residency (one year in a clinical setting). A great answer for me, as long as I'm not in a noisy setting. hospital/nursing home setting.

  • Freelance writer

  • Psychotherapist

  • Title solving complex problems and working from home helps me so much.

  • Arts Librarian :)

  • I work at a lady's house looking after her horses every day. I find it really therapeutic and a lot of the time I am there by myself so it's quite peaceful :)

  • I became a personal care giver at the age of 51. I sometimes work nights which gives me alone time but I find it a very rewarding career as I get to touch many lives & care for so many awesome seniors. I find it comes very natural for me to do this. I love it!

  • Product Coordinator, Special Projects involving creativity, Research, Concept Developer, Designing, Fixer, Psychology.

  • Office Manager for small companies, Customer Service

  • Creative ones, cake decorator, graphic designer, care-giver, illustrator

  • Stay at home homeschooling mom. Previously a speech therapist.

  • Not an office job. One where I can be fairy autonomous. I like a job where I can use my high empathy to help others. The job needs a great deal of variety and I must have daily access to nature during the work day. So far what has worked is Community Support worker for people with disabilities, autism and with seniors.

  • Writing, Teaching, Artist, Social Work

  • Accounting clerk

  • Financial/Accounting, Library, Working with people with mental disabilities

  • Teaching

  • Tech entrepreneur and trader. Both are incredibly creative jobs and needs to be able to think outside the box and think deeply about the actual data to solve problems

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